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04-20-06, 12:42 PM
Hi folks,

I was wondering about the hearing requirements for recruits/commissioned marines. I'm interested in going to PLC or OCC, but my hearing is... well it isn't the best. I haven't had my hearing tested in a while, but I know I won't get a very good score. What is the BARE minimum in terms of hearing requirements? My buddy that was a Marine said that he met quite a few guys in the Corps that had downright BAD hearing... he said you could always tell who the artillery guys were (not to joke about the artys).

How hard is it to get a waiver for shatty hearing? Are there other factors that might make up for my bad hearing?

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04-27-06, 09:00 PM
I have no idea what the specific numerical minimum scores are, but I know that before you enlist you will have to go through a complete physical exam by a military doctor, including a hearing test. My best guess is that if you are otherwise well qualified, and your hearing is not bad enough to require the use of a hearing aid on a daily basis, then you will be able to get a waiver for not having perfect hearing. My vision is absolutely horrible, but still correctable to 20/20 with glasses/contacts, so I was able to get a waiver to enlist. However, I am not eligible to do certain jobs that require good vision, and you may have the same issue with your hearing. But you should go through the medical exam and see what they say, the doctors and people that work at MEPS can give you a definite answer of yes or no.

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04-27-06, 09:31 PM

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