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04-16-06, 08:22 PM
Hey all, I haven't really frequented this forum before, but I'm looking for some Marines' opinions, and sadly I've lost contact with my former boot camp buddies and don't know any Marines where I am now, (aside from recruiters, that is).

So here it is:
Three years ago I went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego at the age of 19. Being a diehard idealist who wanted to be a part of something larger than himself and make a difference, I was told I was joining for all the "right" reasons.

Several weeks into training I was dropped to MRP with a really bad case of full-on pneumonia. Eventually I got well enough to go back to a training company, but then just three weeks before graduation I got dropped again with a bad ITBS injury to my left knee. I then got pneumonia bad again, and was actually hospitalized at Balboa Naval Hospital for three days that time. Long story short, after 9 months and 22 days in service, I got a medical discharge without having even graduated. (And I'd actually made LCpl by that time, ha!)

This past January I went to go have a talk with my local recruiters, and after explaining my story, (and then providing a copy of my DD214) they told me they think I have a fighting chance to get back in, (with waivers). I just have to wait another year from then because I'd been on an anti-depressant. They loaded me up with stickers for my truck and posters to help keep me motivated until then. This has really renewed my spirits in general.
(NOTE TO ALL POOLEES: If you really really want to be a Marine right now, believe your recruiters and later your Drill Instructors that tell you that you will regret it for the rest of your life if you don't see it through.)

Now, there's an old "acquaintance" of mine that's a Corporal in the Reserves, (a friend of my ex of over a year ago that was a bit *too* close a friend of hers while we were dating) that is all of a sudden upset enough with me again to send me hate(e)mail. Basically his problem is that he believes I'm pushing myself off as a Marine because I have a Leatherneck.com banner on my Myspace and have some pictures of myself with USMC paraphernalia in them. However, I have NEVER told anyone I was a Marine, only that, "I was *in* the Marines for a measly 9 months and 22 days," and if the conversation goes long enough, my story with it. I have the utmost respect for Marines, even really anyone who is in our military.

Having explained all this as eloquently as possible, he only flames me harder.

That is all quite a bit to ask, -would other Marines think me a hack and an arse for all of this, or is this just one Marine with a personal vendetta that should be ignored?

Thank you all in advance that have actually read through all of this, haha. I just want to be certain I'm not disrespecting the Marine Corps.


04-16-06, 09:09 PM
Ross this Marine appluads your tenacity hang in there and stay motivated you just may get another shot at the title. My God 9 months and 22 days at MCRD, if anyone rates another shot you do! I would ignore that so called Corporol as he cant be much of Marine if he cannot feel empathy for your misfortune having been where you have been at MCRD yourself. As for the Leatherneck.com banner on your MySpace I Thank You as we encourage our Poolee and Wannabe members to do just that on their spaces. We have had a discussion about Poolees wearing Marine T shirts and such in one of the forums before and myself I have no problem with it as the recruiters give them to you and require you wear them. I wish you luck and invite you to become a more frequent visiter to Leatherneck once again.

04-16-06, 10:17 PM
If you were to go back in would you have to go through boot camp again ? The reason I ask is because you said you were discharged as a lance corporal. I think its awesome that you want to go back but if you really want to earn the title and if you have a choice I would go through boot camp again.

04-16-06, 10:18 PM
Thanks again, Mr. Nelson. It means a lot to me that a Marine would say that. It's true the Corporal I speak of could hardly be anymore egocentric, hell, he puts, "F***ing" in between his first and last name. But, he *did* earn the title, and so I have to pay him some respect for being a Marine, and at least consider what he had to say when it came to the Corps.
Even if he's been thoroughly flaming President Bush and the war on Iraq since before the 2004 election, and technically Bush is at the top of his chain of command.
And I'll spare him the dishonor of publicly stating what his reaction to Bush being re-elected was.
And if you're wondering, he didn't end up going to Iraq himself, but he did recently come back from spending 6 months in Djibouti.

With your blessing I will then continue to provide free advertising for the Marines and Leatherneck.com ;-)


04-16-06, 10:28 PM
Outlaw, yes I would have to repeat boot camp again. Even though I already passed MCMAP, was 1st Class Swim Qualified, qualified as Sharp-Shooter, (two measly points away from Expert, I blame it on the rain, ha) and passed the "Confidence" chamber. I never went through those last three all-important weeks, (the Crucible, Knowledge test, graduation). Fortunately, I'll know what to expect, and will still remember most of the important things, even though since I'm in Florida now I'll go to Parris Island instead of San Diego if I recruit through the office here.
I asked the recruiters if I'd be able to go in as LCpl, but on that they weren't certain. PFC again at the least because of my college credit.

04-17-06, 09:07 AM
My thought is that this former friend of yours has it in for you. However, that being said I think that he does have a point, while you have served 9 months, you have not yet earned the title nor the rank. You most likely were discharged as an E-3 not a LCpl - did you actually receive a promotion warrant and wear the rank?

Thank all being said, I do not think that its that big of a deal as you are being technically correct in saying that you served 9 months in the Corps. Personally, I would be a little more clear that you are not yet a Marine; but that is a personal choice that you need to make.

Good luck with your quest to earn the title!

04-17-06, 04:38 PM
Well, of course you don't wear *any* rank in boot camp except for on the service uniforms for the company commander's inspection/battalion commander's inspection, and graduation. the promotion only kicked in due to time in service/time in grade, (I came in with PFC for my college credit). I first noticed it on my patient wristband that read, "LCPL" on it while admitted at Balboa Naval Hospital, (this confused more than a couple Corpsmen, ha).
Also, on my DD214 under, "GRADE, RATE OR RANK" it reads, "LCPL" along with "E-3" in the pay grade box.

And don't worry, if the conversation is more than a very brief one in passing, I explain more than, "Yeah, I was in the Marines for 9 months and 22 days." I *thoroughly* humble myself in the explaination, heh.

Thank you for wishing me luck!

04-17-06, 07:16 PM
Ross, you aren't doing anything wrong. If the reservist has a problem with what you are doing, send him to this thread, or even to me. You did serve for 9 months in our Corps, and had to leave for no fault of your own. You didn't do anything to dishonor yourself, or our Corps. I will be pulling for you to make it back to MCRD and walk across the parade deck as a Marine. (Note, this comes from someone that also spent some time at Balboa while a recruit.)

04-17-06, 09:14 PM
ross i don't know if this will help you, my dad never finished recruit training either, but when he passed away, i went to the local VA service center, and applied for the footstone and burial flag, and recieved both, he was in for less the 90 days, this tells me that he is as much of a Marine as anyone else, he lived by the creed everyday, he instilled in me the pride of serving, and i did not let him down!



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04-18-06, 08:01 PM
Ross, my opinion is that you go to MCRD one final time and graduate,peroid. You will be proud that you did, And be able to join a brotherhood like no other.