View Full Version : Typical Day in Hell

04-14-06, 01:12 AM
Can anyone tell me what a typical day the first few weeks of boot camp is like? Like what time you get up and stuff? And also if you can't swim will they teach you?

04-14-06, 02:56 AM
when do you ship?
(STAY RELAXED on swim quals)

04-14-06, 10:21 AM
A typical day in Hell, First Phase of training. You have no idea how long you'll have to continue to roll around in The Pit, much less what forms of Hell will be thrown upon you that afternoon.

It is really the destruction of your soft civilian side. Its a necessary step in building you into a Marine.

04-14-06, 11:34 AM
Well................you'll get awakened by whatever creative means they come up with to wake you up - metal trash cans being thrown around, banging on the ends of bunks and yelling, etc. - you'll PT, you'll have breakfast, you'll drill, you'll shine stuff, you'll drill some more, there's something going on allllllll the time..................

And, yes, they will teach you how to swim if you don't know already but it will only be a couple of hours and then you'll have to go down to the 12 FT end of the pool and jump off the board.

04-14-06, 11:54 AM
Get your ass into a pool asap. Don't even joke about that. You had better be able to swim at least if only barely.

04-14-06, 11:55 AM
Also, don't wory about your wake up call, the first few days in boot camp don't require one.