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04-07-06, 09:43 AM
April 7, 2006
Marine and Family Services Relocating to New Home

by Tia Bracey
Henderson Hall News

Building 1 has served as a home to various offices at Henderson Hall since the early 1940's and this summer it will no longer be a part of the base. The building, which houses Marine and Family Services, will be demolished and the offices within the division will move to the trailers that are being built beside Bldg. 28.

Bldg. 1 was initially constructed in 1945 and as an H-shaped building which, within two years, was extended to have a second story. After reviewing the blueprints, Marshall could tell that Bldg. 1 housed an infirmary and the administration offices up until 1960.

"Bldg. 1 is approximately 65 years old," said Facilities Director Geoffrey Marshall. "It has gone beyond its lifespan, without having to invest a lot of money into the building. It's just in poor shape."

"By 1960, the infirmary was gone and it housed a number of departments including personnel, the Provost Marshal's Office (PMO), Battalion Legal, a mailroom, the fiscal department, S-4 and the command offices," said Marshall.

Marshall also gathered that from 1960 until 1993 the configuration stayed the same. Once Bldg. 29 was built (the present headquarters building), PMO and Battalion Legal moved in. By March 2003, the other departments moved out of Bldg. 1 and into Bldg.29. Marine and Family Services then moved out of Bldg. 29 and into Bldg. 1, where it is currently located.

Before Bldg. 1 is demolished, it has to be approved by the National Capital Planning Commission and the State Historical Preservation office.

"We are looking, at the earliest, the first of July to begin the destruction of the building," said Marshall.

In May, Marine and Family Services will have to pack up and move into the trailers.

"We are excited," said Exceptional Family Member Coordinator and Information and Referral Specialist Carol LaVoy. "There are so many environmental factors in this building that we are really looking forward to the move."

LaVoy believes that, by moving, it will give her a chance to do some "spring cleaning" and weed out things that that she no longer has a need for.

"It's bittersweet," said Janet Hammes Marine Corps Family Team Building Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. "It will be nice to be in a new area when we have clients come in. It's exciting!"

Marine and Family Services Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Staff Sgt. Greg Ashby explained that the projected time for Marine and Family Services to remain in the trailers is tentatively 12 to 18 months. Bldg. 12, which currently houses the facilities department, is scheduled to be renovated this year and once complete, will be the new home for Marine and Family Services.

"We will miss the historic building, but it is time to move on," said Hammes.