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Well here is my question, I would like to go into MOS 0261 Geographic Intelligence Specialist. I was curious to see if any of you Marines would know of any civi jobs that would be a good target for me once i got out of the Marines (first i have to get in). Is there a big need for this MOS currently in the Corps? And if not i would be curious to just hear about what all GIS involves training wise. And just a heads up i am 15, not a poolee yet, will be signing up next summer.

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Travis - I wasn't an 0261, I was an 0231, but as far as I know, there are plenty of jobs for "Topo" Marines with government agencies and contractors. I'm sure there are GIS related jobs in the private-civilian sector, but you would have to research which companies are hiring.

Some companies may want you to have a degree in Geography. A friend of mine just got their master's in Geography and is now working for NIMA.

Regarding GIS training, I don't know specifics about the GIS training, but I am aware that you receive some form of GIS training as it relates to battle planning, operations, and various control of geospatial databases. You will also have the benefit of getting a TS / SCI security clearance. This is a valuable commodity for job hunting.

I'm not sure what the demand for 0261's is right now or in the future, you would have to ask a recruiter that question. I'm pretty sure that if you really wanted the 0261 MOS, there would be a billet out there somewhere.

Here are some agencies and contractors that I know of Topo Marines getting jobs with:
National Imagery and Mapping Agency:

Booz-Allen Hamilton hires Marines with security clearances and training in GIS:

SAIC hires GIS Analysts:

Titan Corporation hires GIS Analysts:

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0231 all the way baby
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