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04-02-06, 11:21 PM
Hello, I'm in the DEP I ship out 20060605. Unfortunately there seems to be some problem registering as a poolee with the website so I was unable to actually register as a poolee. Anyhow my question pertains the MOS of 2631 and 2651, I am familiar with the official discription of them so I was hoping for someone with practical experience with either MOS who could further enlighten me on them.

Basically I was looking for an MOS other than Infantry that would not lead me to go insane with boredom. But the possibility of being able to aquire a job in the civilian sector with the technical training the Marine Corps could give me interests me. I have worked as a PC tech for about three or 4 years and pretty much hate it, unfortunately for me it's about the only thing I can do for money. Coding and networking isn't as bad for me in my oppinion. Personally Infantry sounds like the most fun for me, but the fact that I would never get to see my girlfriend (I've been with her for a very long time), motorcycle, or computer kind of drives me away, I wouldn't mind being sent to Iraq if it weren't for those three things.

Thank you in advance.

04-03-06, 02:52 AM
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