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03-31-06, 12:25 PM
Im currently getting my AA in Administration of Justice from Miramar college. I want to be a Police Officer in the Military but am having a problem picking branches. I could join the Navy Reserve as an MA or wait a year until im old enough to become an MP in the Marine Corps. My recruiter said there was NO WAY that they could wave the age limitation of 19, but you can be an MA at 17. What are the main differences between Navy Master At Arms and Marine Corps Military Police?

04-01-06, 05:20 PM
I have no idea

04-02-06, 12:25 AM
For the Corps, its an attitude/mature thing. When you enlist, it is for the 5800 MOS, which includes MP's and Corrections. You dont get a guaranteed slot for MP's, its 50% either way.


04-20-06, 12:37 AM
I know there are some units in the Marine Corps that carry the 1911. Can MP's carry the 1911 instead of the Beretta?

04-20-06, 08:02 AM
I think you need to decide 1st if you want to join the Marine Corps instead of which weapon you will be carrying. If you are undecided then you might want to join the Navy because if you wanted to be in the Corps there wouldn't be an issue. So good luck in the Navy. Sorry for being so blunt or rude but that is the way I feel about it.

04-20-06, 08:49 AM
I already made up my mind to join the Corps.

04-20-06, 03:34 PM
you need to realize that the only choice you make is to become a Marine. Any other choice you think you can make, don't count on it. There is only one purpose for the United States Marine Corps, and that is to fight wars and defend this great country against all enemies foriegn and domestic. We are all Riflemen first, everything else is secondary. I Love being a MP but I never forget that I was trained as a rifleman first and take the title Marine to heart, more so than the title of being a MP.

You do not have a choice in weapons. No one does. You do the mission with what you are given and guess what? Marines still accomplish that mission better than enyone else with what they give us. This is another trait that makes us as Marines stand out, above and beyond.

04-20-06, 05:11 PM
The M1911 is issues to specialized troops in specific circumstances (I don't feel the need to go into who or why here). But, it doesn't really matter, a weapon is secondary to a military MP. I've never met one that shot one "in anger". The issues that come up on base usually won't require the use of deadly force.

04-20-06, 08:39 PM
All good stuff here Young Person. Congrats on the college. I enjoyed my days an an MP at Lejeune. Just make a decision and stick with it and do the very best you can.