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03-27-06, 12:53 PM
Hey all, here's my query.
I'm a half American, half British 17 yr old student. I've been brought up in England for my entire life but I have dual citizenship. Since early 2002, the Marine Corps has been my calling ever since I met a 2nd cousin who was a Marine Captain. From then on I've spent frequent evenings talking about, thinking about and reading about the Marine Corps. Anyway, as a 17 yr old in England (thats Junior year of High-School for those in the US) I'm not sure how to approach this. Whatever happens, I intend to move to the US which I consider my home, but the question remains - Should I go to college and become an officer through OCS, or should I go straight to Enlisted recruit training?
People I know have told me to go to college and go for OCS due to the fact that I've had a really good education, but I'm still not sure...fortunately I've got time to make up my mind but any help would be much appreciated.
Semper Fi


03-29-06, 08:21 AM
You lucky Bloke! :D

You also have the opportunity to become a Royal Marine. You have a year to decide anything. Prepare for all of the paths.

03-29-06, 10:43 AM
Yeah, the Royal Marines was kinda attractive but for some reason I feel that my loyalties lie with the US. Don't ask why, they just do...Plus - USMC Service As vs Royal Marine Service dress....it's gotta be the devil dogs!

04-04-06, 12:03 AM
I put in two guys from Australia, that had dual citizenship. You need to contact a Marine Corps recruiter. He will need to screen you out (ask medical, moral, education questions). He will also need to e-mail you the EST (written practice test for enlistemnt). The test will let the recruiter know how well you are going to do on the ASVAB. If you do well on that, he will then need to figure out how he is going to physical you. For the two guys I put in, they had to purchase their own plane tickets to fly over to enlist. Reason being - my command wanted to make sure they were going to qualify to enlist. I am not sure how they will do you.
One of the problems I ran into with the two guys I put in was they had to get social security cards once they got over here. That took a few weeks because they had never had social security numbers - they had never been to the US until the time they came to join the Marines. I had them stay with me until they got their social security cards, took the ASVAB, and passed the physical.
As far as going officer or enlisted - I think you need to think about how you are feeling about school right now. Are you burnt out or do you enjoy it. If you are enjoying it, then how about doing the reserves while going to college? You are getting your life started as being a Marine and you can go to school. Reserves equates to one weekend a month and two weeks during the summer.
I hope the info helps!
Good luck!