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03-24-06, 07:24 AM
What NOT to send to your Marine

LtCol Dave Furness sent this cautionary note to friends and family of his 1/1 Marines:

I wanted to take the time today to sit down and ask for your assistance on an issue that I am very concerned about - alcohol and other off limits items being sent in the mail to your Marines and sailors. Today I had the unpleasant duty to forward a member of 1/1 to a General Officers level Non-Judicial Punishment. I took no joy in doing this, but the man was found with alcohol, alcohol that he had received from a family member. I am sure the family member believed they were doing him a favor. To reiterate, it is illegal for any Marine/Sailor/Civilian serving in Iraq to have alcohol. This one incident may very well have ruined his career.

I once again ask you to please not mail any items which, in the possession of your loved one in Iraq, are considered illegal and could get them into serious trouble. Specifically, do not mail alcohol, pornography, firearms, or ammunition.