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Part of understanding others, and yourself, is to learn what is going on in folk's heads. What their needs, problems, difficulties and relationships are.

This is important in understanding yourself and your own weaknesses, as well as those of friends and family members.

This knowledge is important on at least two levels for Marines.

One: is in knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and those of the people under you.

Two: is in knowing your enemies.

Much that I have posted in other threads in this and other forums are directly tied to this concept. It is not a new one by any means.

When you have a few minutes, read The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China for just a few examples. There was also a military type from the Roman Empire who addressed several of these issues in a book written for his son. I can't spell the bastards name, though. I'll look it up later and post it.

Military manuevers are only a part of the education neccessary for a warrior or a soldier to succeed over his enemies. Psychology, history, sociology, politics, economics, mathematics and many other subjects are necessary as well.

I have made an attempt to address some of these subjects recently in many of my posts on these forums. It is my hope that I have raised some curiosity and awareness of these things for the Poolees and stressed their importance for actice duty Marines, the students of VMI, the Naval Academy, ROTC and others who stop by these forums.

There are many on this site who are much more qualified than I to do this. I have as yet seen little of their expertise shared here for whatever reason. It is my hope to encourage or to shame them or to even frustrate them into becoming active in this needed education of their fellow Marines and Warriors through my lack of knowledge in such affairs or my poor presentation of the materials.

Semper Fidelis

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No disrespect intended Bones but this stuff is deep for my little mind (which is why I don't let my mind wander...it's too small to be out on it's own). Looks like psycho-babble to me. Sun Tzu is a little easier to understand for me. He covered it all in his Theories of War.
Aside from my own shortcomings, you do an excellent job of attempting to educate with the resources you seem to find and make available. It would be a bonus for us all if some of the Acadamy and ROTC folks graced us with their presence and shared the benefit of their more recent education on the subjects. Just keep doin' what you're doin' Bones and I'll keep lookin' for a translator...lol. Some of it does sink in.

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Understood Jinx! And thanks.

Ya see what happens when I let my little ol' mind out on it's own! LOL.

Let's see....what was I doin'......