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03-18-06, 10:38 AM
:evilgrin: :no: "I know, I know, "THE OLD CORPS." How many time's have we heard this, even you young 'un's who have recently gotten out?" "Back in the Old Corps, we___________, you know the drill."
Well, I watch the military channel some times off'n my Directumtv, and I watch....."Phase One" MCRD Parris Island. (FYI, the only place Women recruits have for training). I just about can't believe my eye's, ears, as to what is this, Summer Camp? Little things lead to big things. I watch part of whatever Bn., of recruit's doing some drill movement's with their rifle's. "I WOULD'VE HAD A COW, AS SOME WOULD CALL IT NICELY, IF ANY OF MY RECRUIT'S DID ANY SUCH DRILL. HEAD'S MOVING, WRIST'S BENT, FOREARM'S NOT PARALLEL TO THE DECK, RIFLES WRAPPED BEHIND THEIR GORDS. Not one Drill Instructor going thru the ranks making adjustments. I guess in today's Corps, I may be wrong, Drill isn't important. Drill, marching, rifle, all taught...."Instant obedience to a lawful command without question....it taught discipline......it taught pride in oneself to be the very best, not ony did it happen at the moment, it carried over to each and all other things a recruit had to do." "It taught "team", squad, platoon to be as "one." Which in combat, if you had a "hot dog", or one "loner", he got his A*** sometime's in a crack, (don't mind the pun!!LOL) Then I watch this Plt. Commander, Chief Drill Instructor, Senior Drill Instructor, and I'm scratching my head. "What in the Name of Chesty is this ding dong, or Woman ding dong doing? Got some recruit's in the pit's, and they are talkin' to them? "This is why this...this is for....I mean c'mon here....!!!" You're giving out punishment, not baby sitting, I think?
"Oh, I don't like the chow." "Oh I'm so exhausted." "I don't know if I'll make it." Blah, blah. Now I don't know if they were prepted to say these thing's or if the "freedom of speech" , the 1st Amendment of the Constitution is freely at hand here." The "RECRUIT, PRIVATE IS able to at any time just open thine hole beneath thine nose and let sliver out anything a "recruit" wants to say?" I did enjoy one good ol' boy, and one good ol' gal (now don't get on me for sayin' that "gal" I mean it with respect to the opposite gender, as you know I'm looking for anyone to write me an e-mail, as to a proposal of being a true mate, LOL) And their living quarter's? "MOTEL 8-6, HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS?" Holy Moley!!" I could say, "well back when I was in the "Real Corps, as my predecessor's wouldn't hesitate to say, it was like__________!!" I won't. I just don't understand how these "kid's" get through recruit training with what was shown, what I seen, with what is now deemed, "Discipline, honor, integrity, all for one, a unit." Is it, there is some other form of new teaching, some other form of training that the would be Drill Instructors go through at Drill Instructor School, that I'm not aware of? Their Plt. Leader, when they were just a Jr. Drill Instructor, didn't teach them? I know times have changed as I was witnessing it before I got out in 75, off the field. All due to, not mommy cry babies, but this one Lt. Col., I mean a real tripple dipple 62 flavor "IDIOT" (No disrespect intended here to any Officer's, he was I think just pulling to the left a bit) he became Reg'l Commander, not Post Commander, and first Bn., was the first one's who caught the brunt of his silliness. Teaching "Monkey Drill?" He was heard to say, that doing this would help the Recruit's "stress level?" "I think the movie, "Stripe's was not yet born, but somebody got help from 1st Bn., to give idea's." LOL. The Drill Instructor's were under such scrutiny, they could barely let a silent one go, without somebody telling on them..."I want to see, "Request Mast!" (Is this still what they call it?). "Sir my Plt. Comdr. let one silent one, it made me sick, I think this is so wrong, Sir.!" (Go to humpback mtn, call me in my next life time) I might've told them. I had classmate's go through with me, they dreaded every minute they had to come to work, if they ever got to leave. In fact if I'm not mistaken, this one who followed me in another class told me, I knew him from, "where in the hell is 29 Palms", he had made Gunny. He said, he wasn't allowed to leave, only Jr's were. That's how nutsoid this Reg'l Commander was. Spie's? Then, "you will be in the recruit's squad bay at o-dark+30-45hr's, which was basically one hour prior to the Pvt's gettin' their A****s outta the rack. What the hell for? Be met by a Capt. Lt., even had a Major greet me from hidden behind a center support beam. (I had that maggot, Firewatch Pvt., in the pit's, lawfully with my card from beneath my cover, in hand, doing as much as I could possibly do to him because he didn't advise me, "officer on deck!!") He took it like a Man. I would really like some input on this, help an ol' salt out here will ya'll? That'll be all, carry on Maggot's.


03-18-06, 05:04 PM
Must...import...into...MS Word...Increase font size...nooo italics....

But seriously, I wonder if it was because of the cameras. I graduated from boot camp at MCRD San Diego only 7 months ago. And I can tell you as sure as I'm sitting here typing that none of that shiznit went on. Our DIs didn't put up with any crap from us. And our squad bay was clean. Even at it's most dirtiest point, it was still pretty clean (except after the crucible, but what do you expect with 50 recruits with mud and sand in places I didn't even know existed on our bodies).

03-19-06, 03:23 PM
Sorry about the "font size"...Lcpl? You made my heart feel good when I read your post. More than likely it was because of the "camera's" being present, the entire thing had to "look" good to the public. Thanks, Carry on Maggot. LOL

03-19-06, 05:27 PM
Thank God You Put The Words Bigger Wind, I Lost My Cheaters, I Can Read It Now...

03-31-06, 01:41 AM
you know I went to MCRD and I can tell you one thing, that P.I stuff is easy all around, its true only real marines come from MCRD

03-31-06, 05:42 AM
I can only say this...EDITING...LOTS OF EDITING. The Husband was a DI @ PI in. (We left there the end of 2002). We watch that Recruit training show
sometimes...I end up listening to him complain and b***h throughout the
show. He says much of the same things you did in your first post.

I'm sure it's because of the cameras. There are reasons why they only show
certain BNs; They would be the same reasons you wont see The Husband or his BN on TV.

03-31-06, 06:38 AM
Yes there have been changes to Boot Camp. Yes it is easier now than it was in the "Old Corps." But you can't blame the Marines themselves for that. The DI's are following orders and guidlines set forth by Political Correctness and the Mothers of America. The recruits can't help that they were born in the 1980's and not the 50's or 60's. Here is the thing though. The end product is still the same. We are producing fine Marines that for the past 3 years have been taking a sustained fight to the enemy and kicking a$$.

03-31-06, 08:03 AM
I used to have t-shirt that read. "If your 782 gear doesn't look like this, don't talk to me about the old Corps." The picture below was of a sword, shield, horse, etc. etc.

Just thought I'd share.

Semper Fi.

03-31-06, 10:39 AM
You can increase the font size by holding down your control key and adjusting the center wheel on your mouse. One way on the wheel increases the size and the other way decreases the size.

03-31-06, 07:50 PM
Isn't PI where the women get trained? Just kidding, my nephew went through the Crucible, and from his sea stories, it doesn't sound like much fun. I do notice that the Marines over in SE Asia seem to be kicking ass and taking names, so I have complete faith in the "New Corps."

Semper Fidelis

04-04-06, 07:13 AM
[COLOR="DarkGreen"]:flag: :evilgrin: :iwo: I agree with all of the comment's made in regards to the post. I remember 782 gear....Jack Webb, the actor, portrayed one of the first Drill Instructor/boot camp movies. Not so good. Ermy, in Full Metal Jacket, of course being a former Drill Instructor, was in true form. I personally don't appreciate Ermy, from my own personal experiences dealing with him. I respect him as a Marine, former Drill Instructor, and starting on both coast's, the Drill Instructor Assoc. Yes I would imagine the recruit's being interviewed were only allowed to say certain things. Also the Drill Instructor's, were making sure that they acted "accordingly."
It doesn't matter to me where you went to Boot at. The end result is....Marine....the best, finest, which the Army General, Swartzkoff made a quote about them in Gulf War I-II-???, which made me feel very proud.
The Horse and Shield and "LANCE" BELOW....It stand's for...Part of my Heritage as a Native American, "Warrior, as my Elder's were in their day. The shield shows I was a warrior in VietNam." No, there isn't any 782 gear, but, this is who I am, what I am, what I was, and my Heritage, which I give great Honor, Respect.
Carry on Maggot's. SF /COLOR]

04-05-06, 09:25 PM
I heard on the news today that the Army has decided
to wussify their Boot Camp training. Now DI's won't be
able to do all that "in-your-face" yelling and must be
kinder to the recruits. They will now get 8 hours of sleep
per night and be able to eat as much as they want at
meals. This is said to be due to recruiting goals not being
reached. But I can only wonder what will happen to all
these new hot-house flowers when they get on the battlefield?

Please tell me the Corps isn't going to take this route too?:(

04-05-06, 09:56 PM
When my younger brother went through MCRD a year after me, they were trying out a new 'stress' system. All recruits were issued 'stress cards' and if they felt they were getting too stressed they could give the card to their DI and effectively go on a 'time-out' where they werent to be given any extra 'attention'. The first night after getting dropped the guide and squad leaders went around and collected every card in the platoon.

I dont think it worked out too well...


04-05-06, 09:59 PM
I hope I don't get too much static for what I'm about to say...Wind'nface, things are a whole lot different and the Drill Instructors are under more stress than one can ever imagine.
Moms, now know more about boot camp than ever before, there places on the web, where there a schedule for everyday of training.
So they know what there son or daughter is doing in the training cycle.
This training cycle is from MCRD Parris Island.
There one similar for MCRD San Diego...and those moms know how to tap all these sources of information.
It's like they're looking over your shoulder.
Horselady, is correct, the Army has stopped their Drill Instructors from scream at the troops on arriving at basic training, some Army Officer thinks it's counter-productive and serves no purpose.
Will all this lead to another Kasserine Pass or what happen in Korea during the Chosen Reservior...