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03-16-06, 04:59 PM
:yes: :D :) I came back from OZ. I hadn't been paid 'cept for $5.00 of that monopoly money, for almost my entire time.
Somehow I got to LAX. I was standing in line waiting behind this Cpl who worked in the motor pool in my Bn., who had trucked me out to area's for a recon patrol. My plan? I would find out how much the ticket would be to my destination, then call home, stay overnight at the terminal. Have someone get me a ticket, Wife, (then) and I could get a bird. This Cpl over heard me tell somebody; "I am goin' to have to call home, get me some money wired, before I can get a ticket, or somebody buy etc. send to LAX." He turned around. "Hey Sarge, how much do you need?" "Oh, now, I cain't borrow money, I mean..." "Will $250.00 be enuf?" he asked me? "Now dat burn it, you take this, I'm gettin' out, I've saved every dime, if you can, re-pay me, if you cain't? don't worry about it." I lost his address. Well I got my ticket. The clerk said you got ten minute's. I called home told them the flight all that.
I stopped humpin' that sea bag, at every little bar on my 1,000meter or more run to catch my flight. "Draft, Tall and Cold." Gone down the hatch.
I come thru the first class seating to get on the bird, I of course bought coach. The "Stewardess" NOW---"FLIGHT ATTENDANT", welcomed me. I asked, where do I sit back there in the rear with the gear? No Sir, any seat right here in first class. Ma'am, I bought coach. You comin' back from Nam? Yes Ma'am. Then you sit here. I couldn't believe it. I had tears in my eye's.
Before we even left the gate, I had two bottles of Jack, two Bud's, then had the best T-bone I had ever et. I had a few more drinks. Unloosened my tie, Green blouse, asked her if she wake me 15 min's before we land, so I could freshin' up a bit. She said no problem.
Right before, 15 min's., I went in the head got shaved, put on some smelly, brushed my teeth, gargled with a Bud. I ordered two more Jacks. I thought it only proper.
Well.....I never thanked them. Not until some 25-30 years later. I wrote to Dallas American based Airline. I told them about what they did, thanked them so much. I got a letter back, with so many signature's, and the lady that wrote me back said when they read the letter, their weren't a dry eye in the place. They couldn't believe that a person would write after all them yrs. The pilot's, retired now, she told me, were once Marine Corps Fighter/bomber pilot's. About the only time I was really made to feel sorta special. I just wanted to share this with ya'll. God Bless, Semper Fi. UH RAH.