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03-13-06, 09:22 AM
"The Unit" - CBS show about Delta Force

While I was asked to preview the show "The Unit" airing on CBS, I declined due to a lot of projects on the docket here at Blackfive.

However, I caught the first episode last week and missed last night's episode (it was on the plasma at the bar where I was with Mrs. Blackfive, but, all things considered, I'd rather watch her instead....). The next episode is supposed to air Tuesday.

"The Unit" has some strong development support - CSM (ret) Eric Haney is one of the writers, producers and technical advisors. For those of you who've never heard of CSM Haney, he helped found something called Delta Force.

The first episode opened strong. "The Unit" tries to show many aspects of life within the Delta Force community. The wives were focused on quite a bit.

Scott Foley of "Felicity" has a key role as the new guy, fresh out of the Delta training pipeline. I saw exactly one episode of "Felicity" and pretty much thought of any character played by Foley as lame...that is until he stalked and stabbed his first terrorist in the neck. Very nice.

Dennis Haysbert of "24" is the team Master Sergeant. He's the leader in the field and his wife is the leader on the cul-de-sac of Delta families (think Stepford for operators). In the episode, Haysbert basically ignores the orders of the FBI and a National Guard Brigadier General to take down a hijacked plane full of jihadis. He's got some good one-liners.

The opening episode also had a very interesting look at a HAHO jump. It was definitely Hollywood, but still got my blood flowing just watching it.

Bottom line, I really enjoyed "the Unit" and will try to catch it every week if I can. While it leans to the melodramatic (because it IS television), it was interesting and the character development will prove to be it's strong suit. And Dennis Haysbert is strong enough to carry just about any other actor on the show...

Although, at one point, when Haysbert takes down the plane essentially by himself (no back up?!) while the other Delta operators are on the tarmac, I found myself groaning, "Come on, now, Sergeant Major Haney, you can do better than that..."


03-13-06, 10:05 AM
Eric Haney's book was quite knowledgeable, entertaining, and an easy read.
Somehow the first episode of "the Unit" seemed a little bit too much (a Hollywood embellishment) but the premise has possibilities. The adding of the wives and loved ones into the foray could be the downfall of this series. Not to disrespect the contributions of the women in this series to the men in this series but I'd hate to see this series turn into a soapbox kind of entertainment.