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December 1, 2002

Welcome to the Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages! We've been a presence on the Internet since early 1994, aiding Gulf War veterans in their pursuit for the truth. The site is run privately by volunteers and is not affiliated with the U.S. Government. Our site is completely database driven and contains an enormous amount of archived content for you to discover. Navigation bars are located along the top and along the left edge of all pages of the site.
The Gulf War Information Service Stats have been released as of September 10, 2002. The information can be seen at Desert Storm Mom's non-government public Vet Center web site. GWVIS reports are prepared every three months (February, May, August, and November) by the Veterans Benefits Administration's (VBA) Office of Performance Analysis and Integrity (PA&I), Data and Information Services (D&IS).

September 2002: Today we were contacted about a book available on living with chronic pain by Linda Martinson entitled "Poetry of Pain". This may be an important title for any Gulf War vets suffering from chronic pain to look into. For more information, please see the Press Release.

August 2002: Harris Baseman has authored a new novel, "After Kamisiyah". It is the story of a fictional young officer who participated in the demolition of the munitions dump at Kamisiyah. Following that action, he and his men suffer from many of the illnesses experienced by Gulf War veterans. See the full letter from the author for further details and where to purchase.

January 2002: Former NGWRC president, Charles Sheehan-Miles, has authored a new novel, A Prayer at Rumalya. PRAYER AT RUMAYLA is a blistering account of the Gulf War that will be very difficult to put down and impossible to forget. The story of Chet Brown, who arrived home from the Gulf War in the spring of 1991 to find that the war was only beginning, is bluntly honest in its language and description. Betrayed by his friends and lover, ignored by his family, Brown travels across the country in an attempt to find answers to questions he doesn’t even know to ask.

January 2001: Johns Hopkins University alerted us to a current study on Gulf War illness. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland have received funding from the Department of Defense to study whether or not some Gulf War veterans with unexplained symptoms have a treatable medical condition which could explain their symptoms. To find out more, visit http://www.med.jhu.edu/gws.

November 2000: A particularly poignant reminder of the purpose of this website was quietly added to Tracings in the Sand, the section of our site that allows vets and civilians alike to record their experiences in the Gulf during Operation Desert Storm. The story, a tribute to his friend and fellow soldier, was submitted by John Brine regarding a lost comrade in arms, Cpl Stephen Rawlings of the British Army.

Over the past year, we have been notified through private email, Tracings in the Sand Entries, and Guestbook Entries about an alarming number of Gulf War Veteran deaths. In an effort to honor these brave men and women, we are in the process of creating a section of the site to list the names of the deceased. No names will be displayed until they are reviewed by an Editor of this site. If you would like to enter a name, please do so using our new GWS Deaths Entry Form.

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