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03-01-06, 07:18 PM
150 marines and sailors return from Iraq
March 1, 2006, 09:45 AM
WWAY NewsChannel 3, NC

CAMP LEJEUNE -- One-hundred-fifty marines and sailors returned from Iraq, glad to see family and friends but remembering the four men in the unit who died from rebel attacks.

For the past seven months families have waited for the day their loved ones came home, out of harm's way in Iraq.

Justin Bobo, his mother and grandmother were waiting for his dad, Navy Lt. Cmdr Bill Bobo. Bobo is a naval psychiatrist. His friends and co-workers all signed this big banner to welcome him home.

The Bobos and hundreds of others family members showed up for this homecoming. Even one of man's best friends waited to see the marines and sailors of the Second Marine Logistics Group.

Lt. Cmdr. Bobo said, "I knew it would be happy. I knew I would be overjoyed being reunited with my family, seeing old friends -- but this is a little overwhelming."

During their seven months in Iraq, four members of the unit died. Three died after IED (improvised explosive device) attacks.

Cpl. Charles Phillips rode in the convoys, providing security in Iraq. He says since his last deployment insurgent attacks are more violent.

Cpl. Charles Phillips said, "That was a big thing. From last deployment we weren't worried about IEDs at all; it was more ambushes last year. But this year, it's IEDs everywhere.

Charles had faith that he'd make it back home. His wife Shauna is expecting a baby.

Shauna Phillips said, "I'm so happy. I don't even know how to talk anymore."

The marines say during the day-to-day job in Iraq they're not thinking about the attacks and dangers of the job. They're thinking of getting home to see loved ones.

For these 150 marines and sailors it's a mission accomplished.

Marine officials don't know when the group will be deployed again.