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11-28-02, 07:42 AM
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Wednesday, November 27, 2002


Gen. James L. Jones, commandant of the Marine Corps, was mum on predicting a war with Iraq. But he didn't mind talking about another war.

"There is a war going on - We are involved in a global war on terrorism," Jones said.

Jones spoke about the war on terrorism and other topics after his speech at the 13th annual Community Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday at the Civic Center's North Exhibit Hall.

Jones will be NATO's supreme allied commander in Europe, starting in January, and will be commander in chief of the U.S. European Command. He will be the first Marine to hold these positions, according to Maj. Matt McLaughlin, spokesman for public affairs for the Marine Corps in Washington, D.C.

Jones said he speaks occasionally at prayer breakfasts around the country.

"America is truly blessed to not only be a land of high ideals, but to be composed of people who will make those ideals come to reality. It's not simply about us, it's not just about our freedoms," Jones said.

Jones said the country needs to bring about conditions in the rest of the world where people can have the same types of freedoms Americans enjoy.

"This is a land composed of generous people and people who want to export the idea of peace and tranquility in the world. What we've done in the 20th century, I think, is set the stage. What we can do in the 21st century is bring it to life," he said.

Jones said the country will need work, prayer and faith to pursue that dream. He said the country has made a good start on the war against terrorism.

"We've sent a strong signal that we are committed to ensure that terrorism will not interfere with the cause of freedom," he said. "The cowardice of terrorism is doomed to defeat, both spiritually and in reality. It is not a substitute for the values that we have. It's a temporary nuisance - it's a dangerous one, but a temporary one."

Jones commented on the Osama bin Laden audiotape that may prove bin Laden is still alive.

"I don't have any thoughts about that except to say that whether it's Osama bin Laden or a terrorist without a name - they are a cancer to the cause of freedom. They will be apprehended or they will be eliminated. It's only a question of time," he said.

Jones said he has faith that the situation in Iraq will be resolved.

"The organs of international diplomacy that our nation fought to establish are working and that our president has charted a careful course for us. We will await the judgment of the family of nations, and we will be prepared to act one way or the other. Whatever we do will, I'm sure, be the right thing."