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02-24-06, 09:29 AM
Having been silent for a number of months I thought it was about time I made myself known again??
The subject being one of the oldest medals awarded to the Royal Navy/Royal Marines...The Naval General Service Medal,this medal was instituted in 1847 for Ship/boat actions from 1793-1840.
Campaign clasps to the medal were 230 for different actions.The medal was changed in 1915 and existed untill 1962 and the new General Service Medal brought into being for all the services
The Naval General Service Medal since 1945-1962 awarded for minor operations for which no separate medal might be issued the list of Campaign clasps 16 for various campaigns,the most clasps the average long service 'Bootneck' would have accumulated would have been 5 clasps,the Naval General Service Medal a much prized possession with the 'old and bold' Marine.

A few interesting facts about the Naval General Service Medal.
The medal was issued to the surviving claiments of Fleet and Boat actions far back as the 'Glorious First Of June 1794',the greatest number of clasps to a single medal was seven awarded to Gunner Thomas Haines RM in 1851.
The youngest recipient of the medal was to a baby born onboard HMS Tremendous only a few days before the battle of the 1st of June,his rating on the ships books at the time was given as 'Baby',his mother was the wife of a seaman named Mc Kenzie,the child was appropriality Christened Daniel 'Tremendous Mc Kenzie,Numerous women appeared on the muster books at that time none were ever awarded the Naval General Service Medal (Political correctness) No such thing.
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Thanks for the history lesson and, by the way, how was your birthday?
There was a special on the British Commando fForces during WWII on the television last evening. I believe I heard the term "Cockleshell heros" bandied about. The film footage of your work in and around Norway was nothing short of magnificent.