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02-24-06, 06:10 AM
Scientists: masturbation not as good as sex
By Chris Williams
Published Thursday 23rd February 2006 16:55 GMT

A swift one off the wrist - easy, convenient, refreshing - but just not the same as the real thing, perhaps.

Reporting in the journal Biological Psychology, researchers have now found a basis in physiology for the niggling dissatisfaction.

Levels of the hormone prolactin are lower after masturbation than intercourse. Prolactin makes us feel satisfied by counteracting the arousal messenger dopamine.

The levels of prolactin in the blood of subjects who committed an act of self-pollution after watching grumble flicks were just one fifth of those who had had actual sex in the lab. Still, either way, nice work if you can get it.

The scientists say the difference also explains why men may need a "recovery period" after forming The Beast with Two Backs, but can happily nip to the loo for five minutes, make the bald man cry, then get straight back to work.


Ed Palmer
02-24-06, 06:39 AM
WELL back to brokeback mountain again

02-24-06, 08:47 AM
Chris Williams has a way with words. (A much more exotic blend of jabber than I'm used to. LOL) With all this "self pollution" going on, I'm surprised that the E.P.A. doesn't have it's mitts on the subject.

02-24-06, 09:22 AM
I'm surprised that the E.P.A. doesn't have it's mitts on the subject.
I'm sure they would if they could get their hands around it! :banana:

02-24-06, 12:08 PM
"Make the bald man cry."

Never heard that one before.

02-24-06, 01:03 PM
That's what I'm talkin about. Facts vs. Fiction. Marines helping Marines?.........
Thanks Ellie....... You always have our interests at heart.....


02-24-06, 02:30 PM
Anytime Rich...

You know I Love You Guys and have to look out for you all;) :D


02-24-06, 03:29 PM
Thank you, Ellie...and I believe that we become more worldly because of your concern. :) Now if someone could only come up beer and pizza with prolactin in it. The satisfaction would be boundless.

02-24-06, 04:39 PM
My next invention... Prolactin cigarettes!

02-24-06, 10:19 PM

Forget the smokes, make it beer. It's a much bigger market, one that you can fit your hand around!!!!! LOL :yes:

02-25-06, 05:21 PM
Wonder how they found this out? Using rat's, dog's, or us humanoid male, undersexed, all dressed up no place to go?

02-25-06, 08:36 PM
wind'nface- They probably used disgruntled sperm bank donors.