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07-03-02, 06:26 AM
Reville @ 0315!!!!!!! OUTTA THE RACK SCUMBAGS!!! Wish is was that easy when you were in? Maybe for some. I shoulda went to the bar to catch Roger - as he and Chesty were still playin with the girls or some reasonable facimile thereof. First cup 0320 - glad I got a Bunn. Why, some of you may inquire that I purposely get up at 0315? It isnt because I want too. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Thought I was well on my way to ending up like my Marine and best brother and having spinal fusion surgery. Still may. Somethin to look forward too. His was prompted by a fall in a mine. He was on the mine rescue squad. 5 back fusions and a morphine pump later..........He's still THE toughest S.O.B. any of you Marine's would ever wanna chew dirt with. And be damm proud to do so.
Each morning I get up like this, and sit in pain, my mind goes to thinking of him. I'd just moved in with my now wife, back in '94 (married '01). Le'Roy calls - brother, f*@#'d myself up man. Can you spare a few days...... so I go with another bro....... we bale hay for his beef cattle, and come to find out he's blown out his L-3,4 and 5 disc's. Anyways, I came back, and promptly announced to my girlfriend that I was moving to help my brother keep his farm. I would return, when I felt he was capable again. I did in May '95, bought a house - yada yada. Went back to building houses myself, etc......

Marines - when you get started in the morning with that first cup of lifer juice - find the time to find gratitude for the things you have, and the people around you.
Ya never know when that next turn may be the one you may have to take.