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07-02-02, 11:14 PM
Received this email from a Marine and a friend. Eric joined the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and was a machine gunner in 1st platoon, India Company, before I arrived.

If you visit his web site listed below; you can see what type of Marine this man is and I know he would appreciate any emails, prayers from other Marines.

He's a friend



Eric Nevatie <pointman@island.net>

To :

Subject :
Sad news

Date :
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 11:12:27 -0700

Dear Cookie,

Please lift our family up in prayer for strenght, my oldest son Eric Jr.

died last night, I found him in his room little after midnight, we don't know yet why or how.

need some heavenly support right now, thanks Eric

word says for a believer to be absent from his body is to be in the
pressence of the Lord, Eric Jr was a believer, so we draw comfort from

that, but it is still hard......
Semper Fi Eric

<b>Eric's Web Site</b>


07-02-02, 11:29 PM
Hi Cook,

Sorry to hear that Eric, Jr. passed away. Our prayers are out to Eric Sr and his family. Will gladly send him an e-mail showing him that we still care about our Brothers.


Roger and Ellie

07-03-02, 02:05 AM
Eric...may you draw strength from your family of Marines in this most confusing time...
Semper Fi

07-03-02, 06:26 AM
Cook, I know Eric very well....we have been commin on this internet thing for a couple years now. His son, created by banner for my website for me, and Eric sent me some of his Combat art Pro Bono. He's a "REAL" bro and I'm sure his loss is devastating. Thanks for lettin me know about Eric Jr. I hadn't heard yet.....

07-03-02, 04:50 PM
Eric, Sad I am, hearing of your loss.

Prayers for you and your family.

Eric jr. is now home with The Lord Jesus.

Praise Jesus

07-03-02, 05:11 PM
Words cannot express the pain, be comforted in knowing it is felt and carried here by your brothers. No one gets left behind, we will carry you.

Welcome home.........

Sgt. Henry

07-05-02, 12:19 PM
Sad to hear Hermano. Prayer on the way
God Bless
Semper Fi