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Ed Palmer
02-07-06, 10:46 AM
Well 50 years ago today I got the privilege to step on to the yellow foot prints of MCRD San Diego Calif,
It was also then that I learned that there was a new kind of Bird existing in my new world, It doesn't fly or do any thing that other birds get to do. (it is the common every day SHIXT BIRD) This bird is only native to North Carolina and southern California.
I also learned that my left foot was very different from my right. Another valuable lesson that I learned was that when someone says to shutup it doesn't mean to stand up.
The PVT ALMOST FORGOT there is no(I) in the land of the SHIXT BIRD Also there is no hey man to use any type of these utterances is replied to with knock up side of the Private,s head
also other than you and 65 or 70 of your new friends, the guy,s or as you learn after a few knocks the GOD,S that wake you up and put you to bed are only to be referred to as SIR this was a word that you learn to use before and after anything you might want to say to the GOD,s
Also so known as D I,s or Drill Instructor,s
Latter on I learned that there is A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A RIFLE AND A GUN this was taught to me with the aid of a shoestring.the way the difference was learned was pretty easy
you put the rifle in one hand and the string in the other and you get to run around this big parking lot called parade field yelling this is my rifle this is my gun this is for shooting and this is fun (and how that hurt) ( Did I mention that you tied one end of the string to your pecker and every time you said fun you would jerk the string)

Some of these valuable lessons that I learned in the wonderful land of the SHIXT BIRD are still with me today.
Semper Fi

Ed Palmer


02-07-06, 10:53 AM
Happy Anniversary Ed