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07-02-02, 09:09 PM
This is a Happy Day, I have found my lost brothersand sisters.
Praise The Lord Jesus.

While sitting in the house tonight , I was drawn out to the CP
(Garage) why ? to find out what ever happened to Leatherneck.com.

You see, while I was in Hospital , having both knees replaced
it seems Leatherneck got lost.
Hospital was May13th to June9th. not really sure of coming home
date (Much Pain) Well not that much pain that a Marine would
have trouble with, oh well, oh my.

Missed all of you, and the evening chats.
Thinking about all of you helped to get me through my surgery.
Now that I have found you , my continued healing will be excellent.

UPDATE ON kNEES: Pain is slowly going away. No more Walker
or Wheel chair to use.
Walking with Cane. Painful when I stand , after sitting.
Thigh muscles (SCREAM)
Have Physical Therapist in Home three days a week, 1 hour to hour and a half.
She informed me yesterday, she will be signing me off on Friday
12 July.
I go to Orthopedic Doctor 10 July for another visit.

Lost 15 pounds and plan on losing more , every thing in time.
Okay I will stop my rant.

God Bless All of You
Tude (Jimmy)

07-02-02, 09:17 PM
Hi Tude,

Happy to see that you found us again. Glad to hear that your knees are getting better. you have to stop over to the chatroom when you get a chance. We all will be pleased to chat with you again.

Welcome Home Again.



07-02-02, 09:22 PM
tude, good to hear from ya! keep up the good re-cuperate. you'll be up and about soon! bless ya
Semper Fi Marine:)