View Full Version : Current Fraud Scheme

11-23-02, 03:57 AM
There is a current fraud scheme being perpetrated in various parts of the northwest on unsuspecting victims. I do not have specifics of any particular crime.

The victim will run an add in "Auto trader." The suspect buyer will then make contact with victim seller and talk about the vehicle. The suspect will then mail the victim a check in excess of what the asking or agreed price was for with a corresponding note that states in essence, "I couldn't remember the exact amount we agreed to, so here is a check for "$????.00". Just deposit the check and I will get the balance from you when I pick up the car."

Through the "bounce check" process, the suspect is able to determine your checking account number and then wipe out/clean out your checking account.

I immediately thought of the potential this can have for "Ebay Sales" etc., so be careful out there! It could take victims of fraud and identity theft could take a long time to recover from a crime such as this...not to mention it is a very expensive process.