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02-03-06, 01:04 PM
I've been in communication with Sgt. Jonathan Coffey down at Ft. Lewis recently and he sent me this e-mail. He asked me to spread the word about Mike Reagan's quest to draw portraits of every service member who has died during the Globar War on Terrorism and I thought this would be a good place to do so. Reagan is a Marine who served during Vietnam, BTW.


I am not sure if you had heard about what Mike Reagan is doing. But he is drawing a portrait for the families who have lost loved one's in the Global War on Terrorism.

Mike's website:

Direct link to the page explaining the Fallen Hero Project:

An article on Mike's project:

I am not sure if anyone from your paper has wrote an article on Mike or not but if possible could you please assist in getting to word passed around.

I, though ordering some stuff with my Gov't credit card was able to get Mike connected with a family in Ohio who had lost a family member LCpl Sean Maher. I felt bad because when I first told her that I was in the Marines she thanked me for my service. Then she started telling he about her relative that was lost in the War on Terrorism in Iraq Feb 2 2005. I explained to her about who Mike Reagan was and what he was doing. She began to cry over the phone I felt soooo bad. But the family is supposed to be getting in touch with Mike to get the portrait drawn.

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