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02-02-06, 09:27 AM
New York Post

Microsoft has joined computer security experts to warn of a malicious software worm that may have already infected hundreds of thousands of PCs and is set to wreak havoc tomorrow.

The worm, known variously as "Kama Sutra," "Blackworm" and "My Wife," entices users to open an e-mail attachment purportedly containing sexually explicit images.

Once a computer is infected, Microsoft warned, the virus could "permanently corrupt a number of common document format files on the third day of every month."

Users should be on the lookout for e-mails with subject headings such as "Hot Movie," "Sex.mpg," "Miss Lebanon 2006" and other similarly raunchy titles.

"This worm feeds on people's willingness to receive salacious content on their desktop computer," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at cyber-security firm Sophos. "People should stop accepting this kind of content from their friends and colleagues."

Microsoft urged computer users to update their anti-virus and security software to the latest versions as soon as possible, saying such measures could prevent the worm from damaging computer systems or erasing files.

"Feb. 3, 2006, is the first time this malware is expected to permanently corrupt the content of specific document format files," Microsoft said.

Further compounding the threat, the company warned that once the infected attachment is opened, it automatically sends itself to all the contacts listed in a user's address book.

But above all, experts warned people not to open attachments sent from unknown persons, especially those purporting to contain sexually explicit material.

"We've seen this tactic before with the 'Anna Kournikova' virus and various 'love letter' viruses," Cluley said. "People should stop falling for this. We can prevent these worms from infecting computers, but what we can't patch is the bug in people's brains."

As of yesterday, the worm was listed as the most active computer virus in the world by Finnish cyber-security firm F-Secure, which said more than 300,000 machines have already been infected since the worm appeared in mid-January.

As with most malicious computer viruses and worms, Apple machines will not be affected, Cluley said, adding that Friday, "Mac users may be feeling very smug."

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