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Sensational Country Music Romance Is Hot as Jessica Hawthorn's "High Heels" Album
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Hollywood . Nashville . New York . Palms, CA -- Marine Corps Base (PRWEB) January 30, 2006 -- Jessica Hawthorn's a country music singer from Texas. Justin Hawthorn is a Marine Corps veteran with two tours of duty in Iraq. They met and fell in love. They were married and then Justin was immediately deployed to Iraq for another tour of duty. For seven long months, Jessica has anticipated what his homecoming is going to be like.

“Thank goodness, he’s finally coming home,” Jessica said as she packed her car for the drive to meet her husband in California this week. *See www.jessicahawthorn.com

The 22-year-old Jessica Clark-Hawthorn is about to throw herself into the arms of her handsome Marine Corps husband, home from a brutal war. Homecoming is going to take place on January 30th, at 12:30 p.m. at 29 Palms, California on the Marine Corps base. The Second Platoon of the 2nd Battalion, of the 7th Marines are about to land in California and see their loved ones again after a long hard tour in one of the most dangerous hot spots in Iraq, the city of Fallujah.

Justin’s parents, Gilbert and Beverly Hawthorn are glad their son is back from serving our country. Justin’s two brothers, Jared and Tim, and two sisters Jennifer and Tina are praying for his safe return. "Justin is the type of guy who would go in first, just to make sure none of his guys got hurt.” He has been a Squad leader for the past year or so and the lives of his men are very important to him. *See www.capitolmanagement.com

Jessica Clark-Hawthorn has been in Nashville recording her first country music album for Platinum Plus Universal Records while her husband has been in Iraq. Mikel Gore, the Senior Editor of Entertainment Headline News got a chance to speak with Jessica as she left for California with high hopes of an incredible homecoming celebration.

Q: During the long months that your husband was in Iraq, what were you feeling during that time?

A: While Justin was gone, I just felt so empty inside. It felt like my heart had been torn from its roots. I love my husband. I missed him terribly. I did a lot of letter writing. I wrote him at least once a day and sometimes twice a day just to keep him up to date on what was going on with my music career. Of course they didn’t send the mail from Iraq over here very often and when I heard from Justin, I got a lot of his letters all at once. I didn’t care about that. All I cared about was that he was safe, he loved me and that he was coming home. I literally ached inside for him to be next to me. I woke in the middle of the night and reached out for him and he wasn’t there. The loneliness is an awful feeling, gnawing inside of you.

I would send my husband all sorts of silly stuff such as pictures of me and the dogs, or house plans that I liked for our dream house. I just wanted to keep our love alive with thousands of miles between us. I took photos of the dogs with a sign that said, “We love you daddy!” I just wanted him to know how very much we all missed him.

I sent him an autographed artist photo that he hung up on the wall of his room in Iraq. His Marine buddies would come in and ask, “Who is that?” He would proudly tell them that was his wife was a country music singer that was recording in Nashville. They just wouldn’t believe him so he showed them a copy of the marriage photos. I plan on giving Justin his own private listen to the album when he gets home with me and we’re alone together.

Q: What are your plans for your husband’s homecoming celebration?

A: I just can’t describe how much I want to be able to hug him after all this time. There are no words for it. After seven months apart, each day seems like an eternity. Roses, candlelight, and music would be nice, because after we were married it felt like we were robbed of our honeymoon together. There is no explaining how much you miss your husband’s touch, the gentle caress of his hand on your face, just hearing his voice, knowing everything is going to be all right. No one can fill that void in your life but the one that you love so deeply.

I have dreamed about this reunion for so long now. I’m going to have to restrain myself from crying like a baby when I run up to him and jump in his arms. I want to look my best and most women will understand this. I have had my outfit picked out for month that he will see me in when he gets off that Marine Corps bus. I saw it in a dream one night. I bought new perfume. I want him to cherish this moment with me as much as I cherish seeing him safe and home again. I know it will be the little things that are going to mean a lot to him. He wants a Sonic double hamburger. He’s starving for Sonic. Amazing isn’t it what we crave about this country? Did you know over a million people a day eat at Sonic?.” I want to just be able to be beside him, look into his face and hold his hand in mine. *See www.sonicdrivein.com

Q: Where are you on the album project that you started last year?

A: The album is finished, the product has arrived and you can buy it at music retailers everywhere. The title of the album is “High Heels.” I’ve always had a thing about heels since I was just a little girl. You can buy the album on my website, at www.amazon.com or other music retailers this month. My producer, Legends Hall Of Fame member, Robert Metzgar says that I sound just like Tammy Wynette. She and Dolly were my idols in country music. I just know that the album is worth every effort that went into the project. There were hundreds of man hours, musician hours, engineer hours, and finally manufacturing the product. I’m so glad I can give my husband the first autographed copy of the album when he gets home. *See www.robertmetzgar.com

Jessica was born in Sherman, Texas and later moved to Celina, Texas where she lived with her parents, John and Donna Clark. Jessica’s dad and mother are extremely supportive of her musical quest and have always been behind her in the many goals that she has in country music. See www.obu.edu

Her producers and surrounding entourage of people who have assisted her in the project is like the Who’s Who of the music business. Platinum Plus Universal Records is one of the largest development labels in the world and also boasts some of the most successful artists in the country music business. See www.platinumplusuniversal.com

Contact: Jessica Hawthorn Capitol Management Group 1214 16th Avenue South Nashville, TN 37212-2902 800-767-4984 (toll free) 615-321-0600 (wk) 615-321-0182 (fax) www.capitolmanagement.com

Or: Robert Metzgar, GM Platinum Plus Universal Records 1214 16th Avenue South Nashville, TN 37212-2902 www.platinumplusuniversal.com

Contact Jessica Hawthorn www.jessicahawthorn.com

This article written by: Mikel Gore Entertainment Headline News Senior Editor Nashville, Tennessee www.entertainmentheadlinenews.com