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01-27-06, 07:51 AM
Get ready to party, Super Bowl style
By Ross Atkin

You know the Super Bowl is fast approaching when the DIY Network shares idea for football buffets. Its "Weekend Entertainment" show suggests using green artificial turf for a table cover, fashioning goal posts from white PVC pipes, and making placemats from a new chalkboard-like fabric that can be used for diagramming plays during the game.

This is too much fun to stop there. Why not try coming up with your own decorating and entertaining ideas? Here are some untested brainstorms that I offer with no guaranteed results:

• Make a football ice sculpture by cutting in half an inexpensive rubber or plastic toy football to use as a mold. Turn the halves inside out (for pebble graining), fill with water, and reassemble using duct tape until water freezes the parts together.

• Line a field of molded green gelatin using cream cheese squeezed from a plastic sandwich "pastry" bag.

• Cut out rye or whole-wheat finger sandwiches in the shape of a football, then use the above technique to decorate the top with cream cheese laces.

• Apply color football photos or sports pages to a large serving tray fashioned from corrugated cardboard. Cover with plastic wrap and use for arranging sandwiches or cookies.

• At halftime, serve up special Super Bowl turnovers (get it?).

• Arrange a vegetable platter to spell out "XL," as in Super Bowl XL.

• At the end of the party, distribute goodie bags, labeled "Quarterback Sacks," with some take-home treats for your guests.

Touching other bases

• If I were an NFL or college football coach I think I'd tell runners to cool it with the dives and lunges for the end zone. Some guys are getting a little too eager to "break the plane" by launching themselves with ball outstretched at the 5-yard line.

• Does it ever strike you as odd that neither St. Louis, Cincinnati, nor Pittsburgh has an NBA team? The Hawks and Royals, respectively, once occupied the first two cities, but moved out years ago. Pittsburgh was briefly an ABA outpost for the Pipers. Who knows, St. Louis might still have a team today if they hadn't traded Bill Russell, the second overall pick of the 1956 college draft behind Sihugo Green, to Boston. Russell led the Celtics to 11 NBA titles in 13 seasons, and it's conceivable he could have made the Hawks a team no city would relinquish.

• When people look back years from now and see photos of major-league baseball helmets adorned with the red-and-white Red Cross insignia, they may wonder, what was that all about? The connection with hurricane Katrina won't be that obvious because New Orleans has never had a big-league baseball team.

• With political correctness so "in" these days, it's ironic that a team called the Redskins represents America's capital. Shouldn't Congress demand a change? Interestingly, the team began in 1932 as the Braves in Boston, but switched its name before moving to D.C. in 1937.

• If football players feel they need eye protection, let them wear clear plastic eye shields on their helmets, as many do. But please, let's get rid of those tinted visors that dehumanize the players. Obscuring their faces makes them look like something out of Star Wars, even a little like Darth Vader. During the college bowls, I noticed at least one player wearing a mirror-like shield and another a bright, see-through yellow protector that matched one of the school's colors. I sure hope they don't start a fashion trend.

• If you think pro football goes into mothballs after the Super Bowl Feb. 5, think again. The NFL season will end, but the Arena Football League, which opens its 20th season on Jan. 27, is only just beginning. For the true diehards, there are 4-1/2 more months of football, that is, if you don't mind watching the peculiar-looking Arena game, played indoors on 50-yard fields.

• What tends to get overlooked in all the talk about Seattle making its first Super Bowl appearance in 30 years is that it's been 26 years since Pittsburgh last won an NFL championship. The Steel Curtain dynasty of the 1970s left such an impression, we tend to forget that it's been that long. Pittsburgh did make it to the Super Bowl in 1996, but lost to Dallas.


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Steelers will win by 14 points - I hope.