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11-19-02, 04:56 PM
When dreams of life
history and memories come together
November 19, 1967

35 years ago today
was a very long time ago,
But I can still feel my machine gunís vibrations
I can still smell the terror of pain and fear of war

The hatred I found at my door that day
I can still feel the ground shake below
Feel the bullets green glow
As they sailed by
Whispering silently my name

I can smell the pain of tears and sweat, hunger and regrets
Taste the anger lingering in the air
And the cry of despair

ďCome get, us, come get us, weíre hit, weíre hit, please come, now.Ē
The radio operator cried, then silence filled the air

And the battle raged on without a care
But my gun fought all on its own
It feared nothing that day

She knew no fear,
This was her game
And she wanted to play
So I held her close
And she danced the day away
Laughing at the pain she gained

I did not stop to think that day
Nothing but anger and pain at my side
We fought together while smoke filled the sky

35 years ago today
The radio operator desperately cried
But the green rain kept us apart
The corpsman cried, the Marine silently died

But Corpsman, donít you know
Weíre all gone

But my gunís barrel cried
With a mind all its own, its only
Dirt and grime and only small stones
Glowing in the twilight zone

Death and destruction ruled the day
Itís all fresh and real
Like an old time movie, surreal

Now when I visit this day
Tears flow without delay
If only I had done some more

11-19-02, 05:48 PM
Can't say; "I understand".

Can't say; "Been there done that".

But I will say; "I'm here for you. If you need a shoulder, it's here and it's yours to lean on.
I'll carry your pack and what's mine is yours. I don't understand but this Brotherhood is real. I'm here for you Bro.

And I'm proud you came home".

11-19-02, 06:28 PM
I still feel the pain, the sorry just like it was yesterday.
I am here for you Cook, I understand what you are feeling.
My Brother we have seen and felt the same things but at different times.
JAMarine, you are truly a Brother, you have and will always be there for those in need.



11-20-02, 01:17 PM
November 20, 1967 ~
What happens in war

I remember Aggie and I laughing our heads off when we were getting so much incoming rounds but couldn't remember why.

Last year I found Aggie my a-gunner in Nam and drove 8 hour that night to see him.

As we talked that evening, I asked him about that day (November 20) and he remembered it quite well. He said he should have gotten a medal, for shootin up so many NVA soldiers and I agree with him.

He said, he remembered we couldn't move. We had both jumped on the wrong side of the dike and the gooks were hitting us with us from two sides with so much incoming rounds we couldn't move.

Aggie said he turned to me and said; he had to "pee"

And I told him to just do it.

Now, why don't they show that stuff in the movies... LOL

Because Aggie had shot up the gooks, which was the reason we were pinned down, he said I told him.

Hey, Aggie,

He answered yes?

And I said, "I think you pis*ed them off."

And we laughed and laughed our heads off, while the bullets hit all around us.

He remembered us lying there with bullets flying all around us every which way, just laying there on our backs laughing and smoking a cigarettes.

I remember the cigarettes, but it seemed we did that often when we couldn't fire any more. Just laid there on our backs pinned down and waiting for other Marines to come get us.

We always knew they would come.

That day I wanted them to come right away. But it took two hours before the rest of the Company outflanked the enemy and were able to come out to get us. That time was an awfully long time. He said, jets and artillery pounded the area all around us, I donít remember that.

I remember my M-60 taking two sniper hits and being angry about that. Gosh darn gook sniper was a lousy shot, he was shooting at me and kept hitting my machine gun instead. LOL

11-20-02, 01:19 PM
Be back later this evening......



11-20-02, 05:43 PM
Damn, Brother..........

Looks like neither one of us will sleep much tonight.

Semper Fidelis, Frank

11-20-02, 07:06 PM
I slept once, for two whole hours.....