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01-24-06, 04:54 PM
Retired Corporal Pleads Guilty in Charade <br />
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A retired Marine lance corporal pleaded guilty Tuesday to passing himself off as a retired colonel during a Memorial Day speech last year. <br />
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01-24-06, 06:35 PM
The man served Honorably. Why taint his name? I just don't get it. I am what I am, and was what I was. Nothin' to be ashamed of. Maybe a few minor indescretions while off post....;) LOL

01-24-06, 07:07 PM
This sounds like the time to ask a question along these lines.

During my 4 year tour, I earned my Corporal stripe, meritorusly. Before my EAS, I lost it (& $200 per month for 2 months) for being stupid. So, my avatar on the left shows a Lance Corporal chevron.

My question;

IN YOUR OPINION, would I be wrong, show dishonor, to display E4 Chevrons ??

I'm not proud of being stupid, but don't hide it either. A plaque I was given at my EAS burned in a fire several years ago. i'd like to put together another 'wall' display.
I'm thinking of getting a set of Blues, to hang in the closet. To be buried in one day. To reminise over...

YOUR opinions will be part of my decisions. While I'm proud to have been an N.C.O. I don't want to put anything up that would be of 'questionable' integrity.

Semper Fi.

01-24-06, 07:18 PM
mrbsox, <br />
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I too once lost a stripe due to an indiscrestion while I was in the Corps. That's why after 10 years, I was discharge as a Sgt. Had I kept my nose clean I probably would have made SSgt. ...

01-25-06, 01:45 AM
Gentalmen, I believe a great warrior once said, that if you never got in trouble once, you were not a Marine. Was that our Chesty? Heck, how about getting in trouble and no stripe to take away. Man, them extra duty and restrictions plus pay was a bummer. Need not say that proud of what I did. We still are the best.

01-25-06, 05:12 AM

E-1 or above, as long as it was under Honorable conditions, you are part of the Brotherhood.

Hope that helps.

Yes, my DD214 is Honorable, and I AM 1 proud Leatherneck. I missed my 'lifer stripe' by 17 days, but I don't display it.

Yep... picking up cigarette butts and making sure the Captians rocks were 'covered and aligned' suked.
I belonged in the field, not Garrison. Just couldn't agree with the spit and polish (then, understand now), but my gun was always the 1st up, my mules (M274) always ran, and I could run F.D.C. with the best of them. Had Sgts. asking me how to do stuff. :thumbup:

But my question remains... would I be wrong to display my E-4 stripe ??

01-25-06, 09:06 AM
Hey Bro, Display It, You Had It Once, Why Not Tell The Tales Of Things That Happen If Need Be, Chit Happens. I Look At My Stripe And See One After 4 Yrs. Its What You Did Bro, In Those Yrs. Served That Counts The Most.only You Walked In Them Boots And Feel The Way You Do, As We All Do, A Proud Bunch We Are. Put It Up Mrbsox And Getter Done. Just An Old Grunts Opinion.