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01-24-06, 12:46 PM
38 Reasons Why McDonald's Is Better Than The Marine Corps

1. If you have to take a ****, you can go take a ****. No questions

2. You'll never have to go port and starboard on the fryer.

3. Better pay.

4. The ability to quit!

5. McDonald's doesn't deploy.

6. They have actual janitors.

7. No McDrills.

8. The grill breaks... You CALL someone to fix it.

9. No time at McDonald's will you hear your boss give a thirty minute
dissertation over the P.A. on the importance of being at the register
15 minutes early.

10. McDonald's will eventually fire the ***REALLY*** stupid

11. If McDonald's catches fire, you LEAVE.

12. Someone else makes the water.

13. Personnel inspection requirements are written on the door. (No
Shirt, No Shoes, NO Service!)

14. At McDonald's, dislocating your shoulder is not considered
getting the 'good deal'.

15. If you want to buy your boss a beer, that's okay.

16. If you want to tell your boss to '**** off and just die, ****ing
die', that's okay too.

17. There is no Uniform Code of McDonald's Justice to deal with.

18. No one will wake at 2 in the morning to start the grill.

19. Chance of you getting called back after you get off work are
pretty damn slim.

20. $2.99 is a meal price, not a daily wage at McDonald's.

21. You don't have to go single register operations if someone spills
a Coke.

22. McDonald's doesn't require a 24 hour Shutdown Register Operator
and McRoving Watch.

23. You don't have to come in to work at 7:00 am only to wait around
for an hour for your boss to tell you things you already know.

24. If you burn a hamburger, they won't take away half a month's pay
for two months and restrict you to the playground.

25. You don't have to take apart the shake machine once a quarter,

26. You scrub the floors because it's dirty, not because it's

27. ALL of the articles of the Constitution apply to you at

28. No Gunny Florez

29. You don't go into "The McReserves" after you quit.

30. You don't have to live in the back room with the other employees.

31. No McMorning PT

32. When your shift is done, you LEAVE!!

33. You don't have to register your car with the DMV AND McDonald's.

34. You don't have to be able to disassemble and reassemble your register in less than two minutes.

35. You can get promoted at McDonald's.

36. If you're going into town on the weekend, you don't have to check in with the manager when you get back.

37. Older employees won't walk up to you and tell you about "back in the day" when they had to pull the McNuggets out of the frier with their bare hands.

38. Older employees won't sit you down and make you listen to stories about the "legendary drive-thru workers" they worked under when they were young.

01-24-06, 12:51 PM