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01-19-06, 01:18 PM
Soldiers Take Out Snipers in Salah Ad Din
Rakkasan platoon kills one sniper and detains another while on patrol.
By Pfc. Cassandra Groce
133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

SAMARRA, Iraq, Jan. 18, 2006 — One sniper was killed and another detained near a canal along the Tigris River in Samarra, Iraq by a Rakkasan platoon while on patrol Jan. 9.

"Snipers have been harassing us in this area and been a problem."

1st. Lt. Richard Hawkins, 1st Platoon Leader

The soldiers of Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, known as “Choppin’ Charlie” company, were investigating an IED report when they received gun fire to the north of their position. The soldiers advanced down the road toward the incoming fire and crested a hill, where they saw two men on top.

One man was throwing ammunition out of his pockets and the other attempted to get to a nearby vehicle to escape. Soldiers asked the men to stop in order to search them, but one man took off running. He was shot and killed.

The second man was detained and the vehicle was searched. Two Dragonov sniper rifles were found in very good condition, as well as approximately 30 rounds of ammunition. The vehicle came from outside of Samarra.

“They [the rifles] were in excellent condition,” said Sgt. Jimmy Sutton, a non-commissioned officer involved in the capture. “It looked like someone knew what they were doing.”

The detainee was brought to nearby Forward Operating Base Brassfield-Mora before being transported to another location for further questioning.

The capture comes as great news to the soldiers, who have received sniper fire before while in the area, including one injury to a 3rd Infantry Division soldier.

Snipers have been harassing us in this area and been a problem, said 1st Lt. Richard Hawkins, 1st platoon leader, who was shot at in the same area a few days before.

Soldiers hope that this capture will decrease sniper fire incidents and boost the confidence of the Samarra citizens in the Coalition Forces. These soldiers are dedicated to rooting out Anti-Iraq Forces in a city that has long been a problem in the Salah Ad Din province.

People around here know we mean business now, said Pvt. First Class Michael George, a gunner in the lead vehicle of the capture. If there is a problem, were going to take care of it.


Soldiers in first platoon "Choppin' Charlie" Company, captured a sniper near Samarra, Iraq, Monday. Some of the soldiers involved pictured left to right: Sgt Jimmy Sutton, Spc. Juan Villanueva, Cpl. Jason Kugler, Pvt. First Class Michael George, First Lt. Richard Hawkins, Pvt. First Class Jeffery Walker, Pvt. First Class Rick Monnig and Spc. Joseph Vanhook. U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Cassandra Groce