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Access to current Marine amphibious doctrine is classified or restricted.

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When I joined the fleet, it was called a MEB (Marine Expiditionary Brigade), then around 87 or 88 they called it a MEU (Marine Expiditionary Unit) because it sounded less threatening. When we went to the Persion Gulf in late 90 for Desert Shield and later Desert Storm it was the 5th MEB. A few years back while reading a Leatherneck Magazine I noticed they had changed it back to MEU. Go figure.

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I don't want to shake anyone up, but the difference between an MEU and an MEB is the size of the unit and its attachments.

if memory serves me right, a reinforced Brigade is larger than a reinforced unit.

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Well 1stSgt, ya had me goin. So, tired as I was, when I saw your post I had to go and look it up. Sure enough, yer right. A MEF is a brigade sized force and is only designated as a MEB if it will continue to operate independent of a MEF. However, I do remember a name change, perhaps it was a designation change and the top down communication (aka the grape vine) did not end with the same message it began with. Thanks for the info, 1stSgt... Always good to be kept on ones toes.

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11-18-02, 09:48 AM
The USMC web site is a good spot for information on MEFs, MEBs and MEUs.

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It's been awhile, but I believe you were thinking of when they changed from being a MAU, MAB and MAF. The difference being "Expeditionary" vs. Amphibious. As we are all aware, the MEU is combat organized around a BLT (Battalion Landing Team), a MEB is based on a Regiment and the MEF is the Division. They are all combat organized according to the mission, situation, etc.

That's all from my memory for now.