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11-17-02, 07:18 PM
Y'all, I just got an e-mail from my dad, which I'm including here. I haven't heard from him in a while, and now I know why. Please pray for his strength right now, because he has no one out there to comfort him. I'm gonna try and call him tonight and see if I can cheer him up. Meez was his last link to my mom, whom he hasn't talked to since the divorce almost 14 years ago. Meez is gone now, and he has no link, not even us kids, because we're not allowed to pass on messages to her from him. Appreciate your prayers!
A tough week in East Tennessee as we say goodbye to a very special kitty; Meez passed away on Friday after fighting a particularly aggressive cancer, one that was untreatable because the tumor was located on her jaw, and eventually moved into her brain. What began as a flareup of her Feline Leukemia in May became a tumor in September, but it was only this last week that she finally began to lose the fight, settling at last into a quiet coma that ended peacefully Friday afternoon. She spent the greater part of those last few days in my arms or with me on the bed, and it was from there that she finally left us. Meez lead an amazing life, for a cat, crossing the country more than once and living in four different states, not to mention the many lifestyles
she experienced over her nearly 16 years in this world; and the lives she touched along the way will forever be changed because of her being here. She is survived by her brother Sy, now living in Oregon. They are the last survivors of a long and direct lineage to the very first cat who shared her life with my first wife and I over twenty years ago. A small memorial was held Saturday morning, just me and one other who helped care for her in her final days; her ashes will be returned to me later this week. Meez was incredibly difficult to photograph, as she always knew exactly where Not to look when the camera was in use, but at least here are some pictures to remind us of her beauty, and her unique personality. She knew that she was Senior Cat, First Girl, entitled to all the honor and priviledge thus earned, and she never missed an opportunity to remind us of that fact. I will miss her pecularly Siamese cry waking me in the mornings, demanding
to know what I am doing in bed when it is long passed feeding time. I will miss her mew when I open the door coming in from a day's work. I will miss her rumbling purr as she snuggles into my neck or curls up in my lap. My house, and my life, are now much quieter, colder, and more empty with her passing, but for her the pain is over, and for that I am glad. Hers was an amzing life; I am grateful to have been a part of it, for so long.

11-18-02, 01:00 AM
Long ago said Morgan. We're sorry for the loss of a friend.