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11-17-02, 08:23 AM
I was checking out the links on here and clicked on WMA. They have a picture of then S/Sgt Corbin ( now Gy/Sgt.) a Sr. D.I. with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor in the back ground. It looks real nice until you check it out closer. The ribbons are on the wrong side. The original picture was on the cover of Marines Magazine, Dec. 96 and Leatherneck Magazine Jan. 97. On the covers of the magazine she is facing the other way with her platoon of boots behind her and the ribbons are on the correct side. This picture was taken as she was marching her platoon and was not posed for. I e-mailed her the WMA site and she was not impressed with what had been done to the picture that makes it appear that she doesn't know what side to wear her ribbons on. Just wanted to clear this as she is a very squared away Marine, a great person, a good friend and a member of the Northwest Detachment 162, Marine Corps League.