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01-03-06, 05:26 AM
Dad so proud of Green Beret son
Jan 2 2006

RUGBY-playing Simon Skipp has followed a family tradition by joining the armed forces and has now earned the right to wear the famous green beret.

Simon, aged 25, of Hill Top, Nuneaton, has completed a gruelling training course and now wears the green beret of the Royal Marines Commando.

The former George Eliot School pupil is now based in Helensburgh, Scotland, guarding submarines after passing out from the Lympstone training camp earlier this year.

His sister, Becky, aged 23 has been serving with the Royal Artillery for the past five years and is now based in Germany, while their father, Arthur was a tank commander for 12 years.

Simon said: "I've always set myself high standards, which is why I joined the Royal Marines. If you're thinking of a life in the military join the best, be a Royal Marines Commando."

Simon's father, Arthur, aged 60, said: "He's always fancied it - he wanted to join quite a number of years ago but as he was playing rugby he broke his leg and they would not have him till it healed up properly. He's always been very fit and active."

He added his son's ultimate ambition was to join the SBS, the Navy's version of the SAS, Mr Skipp added: "I'm very proud of him, I'm proud of them both."


01-12-06, 08:16 PM
As a member of the RMA and MCL, I know from both that we are the Proudest Breed that has ever walked the face of the earth. The RM's, USMC, and the RNMC have the strongest bonds compared to any other branch. I too am a Father and my son is a Marine, and we can all be Proud to be called MARINE. By the way, I too like my Green Beret.

01-15-06, 09:02 AM
Take care and Be Safe

You will be in my Prayers royalmarine


01-15-06, 12:38 PM
Green beret your kidding right he should have been a Marine what the hell has got into dad...

01-15-06, 01:43 PM
I don't think you understand that the Royal Marines wear a green beret. Any US Marine who has worked with or have been around knows this. I have my Royal Marine "Green Beret" and work with the Royal Marines daily. They know more about our Marine Heritage then some people, this I can tell. For clarification the son is a United States Marine.

Semper Fi

01-15-06, 06:12 PM
Royal Marine.. excuse me but i thought you where talking about U.S. Army not the Royal Marines, even thou i have never seen or been around a Royal Marine I have the utmost respect for them thats for sure. Now a US army Green beret i would not give you a plug nickel for any of them i was around them in the Vietnam War and they didnt show me crap our own recon team was 5 times better than them. Please accept my sincere apology if i have offended you or the Royal Marines that was not my intentions what so ever..

01-15-06, 07:40 PM
Ya gotta watch these Royal Marine Commandos Hrscowboy. If they don't get you confused with their "Royal Marine words" then you can only be one of them and nothing else. ;)

I have not heard from 3 Badge in a long time? We did a training mission in the Philippines together in '62. I hope that he is well!

Semper Fi,

01-16-06, 03:49 AM
GSO! old buddy,I'm still about,digging in and firing back hope y'all keeping well and ya powder dry.:thumbup: Aye 3badge
Philipines now that brings back some memories 'cold beer and hot women' and a damm fine bunch of US Marines. Semper Fi brother,Semper Fi.

01-16-06, 08:42 PM
3BadgeMarine, Good to hear that you are still in the fight! Doing good here, not as lean, not as mean but still as green.
I no longer get my beer served in a bucket of ice but must admit, I think is was better that way.

Semper Fi,

01-17-06, 07:10 AM
GSO.......Glad to hear all is well,Just Hi-jacking the thread for a moment and reminiscing of by-gone era's and a Quote from 'Brother' Kipling.
Ship me somewheres east of Suez,where the best is like the worst,
Where there aren't no Ten Commandments an' a man can raise a thirst;
For the temple-bells are calling',an' it's there that I would be--
By the old Moulmein Pagoda,looking lazy at the sea;

Its a damm good job the local Wal-Mart (uk) supermarket stocks plenty of San-Mig ?? now a few cans of the old fire water sends me back a few years.
Aye 3Badge.