View Full Version : I Suppose We're Murders

12-31-05, 07:22 PM
Found this video...im sure many of you have seen it as i know Ogrish.com is very popular among warriors. But i found this video that i wish they could show on the news...everytime that they call us Murderers and what not...i wish the people could watch a video like this. These Marines were attacked in Fallujah by insurgents in a bus. Naturally the Marines were locked and cocked and tore the bus and them apart. However...this video shows afterwards just exactly what we as Marines and our wonderful Corpsman do. Even after attempting to kill these Marines lives they still posted security and tended to the wounded enemy warriors. This is what should be showing all over CNN. check it out. Semper Fi Devil Dogs http://www.ogrish.com/archives/us_marines_attacked_by_insurgents_video_Jan_04_200 5.html