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12-22-05, 06:32 PM
I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas.

During this time of year as we celebrate what ever it is we celebrate as individuals, I want to also make sure we don't forget those who have gone before us. Those who have paved the roads of our journey through life. These could be Marines, Family or Friends.

Along with members of my Family I've lost in the recent past,,,

I will be the first to give Thanks for the opportunity to share in the lives of those who we miss here on this site:

* Lisa D. Cobb, "Cobbs Brat", the daughter of Hobart and Faye Cobb. What a ray of sunshine she used to spread here. We will never forget. The strength she showed and shared during the end of her life was and will be an inspiration to many here.

* John A. Gray, "Flatfoot", a Marine of Marines. John brought humor, dignity and pride to our Band of Brother here at Leatherneck and The Few. I miss the many nights we yakked together here.

* Roger Alfano "thedrifter", another Marines Marine. Roger..... Rog brought more and did more for this site than most know. He is a Brother for all time. His loyality and attention to detail and compassion for others will live here forever.

Happy Holidays from my Family to Yours.


12-22-05, 07:46 PM
Merry Christmas


12-22-05, 11:59 PM
As Rich has said, I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

I am relatively new here, but the kinship and brotherhood that I have had the pleasure to share with all of you is unbelieveable. I thank each and every one of you for the time and sacrifice that you have giving our Country to ensure that our freedoms remain free.

Semper Fi, my Friends.


12-23-05, 03:35 AM
We stand as one. As we have always since 1775.

Thank you rb1651 for putting it so well. Let us remember the words of our Commandant and Commander of the Joint Chiefs, General Pace USMC:

Pace spoke to veterans when he said today's service members "value the legacy you have given us."

"We cherish the freedoms of this country; we will fight for this country until the very last man or woman," he said. "And it will not happen, but in case somebody were able to get past that 2.4 million folks, there are 25 million living veterans in this country who are ready to strap it back on and do what's necessary."