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12-18-05, 05:27 PM
December 18, 2005
U.S. Marines Meet a Starfleet Ensign

Last week 250 U.S. Marines who just completed their boot camp and advanced training got the surprise of their lives when they arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to depart for their next duty assignments.

Waiting for them was an ensign to send them off, Ensign Harry Kim that is, from the STAR TREK: Voyager television series. Garrett Wang, the actor who play Kim for seven years was on hand to shake hands, have a few laughs and just talk one-on-one with these young men and woman - some of which were shipping out to Iraq and other hot spots around the world.

Also onboard to meet and greet them was a Vulcan named DJVolCan (Luis Valintine - from Queens New York) in full attire and character wishing the troops a "Long Life and Prosperity."

Chase Masterson (Leeta of STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine & The Fandom) was scheduled to attend but had to cancel due to illness.

The troops, however, had a blast watching STAR TREK videos, having refreshments supplied by the USO and hobnobbing with Garrett, Luis and Chris Mulrooney, the organizer of the event and the co-founder of Trek To The Troops.

Chris got some great pictures of the event and they can be seen on the Trek To The Troops Website.