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Could motivation possibly be synonymous w/donations?

Just wondering...

Like I previously mentioned, a DI's 8 1/2 EE (prior to 1956, of course) seemed to be all the motivation any Marine needed.


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Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 10:04:35 EST
Subject: MILINET: A Sea Story

12 November 2002

MILINET: A Sea Story

By: MSgt Al Loreth, USMC (Ret.)


In 1962, while serving as a Drill Instructor, I had the occasion to witness another Drill Instructor‚??s recruit motivating techniques.

As any former Marines will remember, when a recruit‚??s Drill Instructor required that the recruit enter the DI hut/office, the recruit had to loudly knock three times and scream out, SIR, PRIVATE DOE REQUESTS PERMISSION TO ENTER THE DRILL INTRUCTORS HUT; SIR!!

The knocking and screaming never seemed to be loud enough. The DI would usually scream, ‚??I CAN‚??T HEAR YOU MAGGOT!!‚?? or charming words to that effect, and would require the hapless recruit to repeat his effort.

Now read what that DI did to motivate his recruits.

From another platoon that was about to graduate, he would borrow two squared away recruits that were armed with M-14s, and one borrowed recruit wearing new utilities who joined the new recruits and pretended to be one of them. The two, armed recruits stood at attention on each side of the hut‚??s door. The new recruits then received their ‚??how to enter a drill instructors hut‚?? instructions.

Naturally, all recruits failed in their feeble efforts. The DI would then leave the hut, address the recruits, and tell them that he was tired of those feeble efforts and the penalty for the next recruit who doesn‚??t measure up would be most severe.

Enter the borrowed recruit who looked just like all the other new recruits. This actor would be next in line to attempt to placate the DI by knocking and screaming loud enough. The actor approached the door to the hut and made a noble, but unsuccessful effort to be admitted.

The DI would then rush out of the hut, grab the frightened actor and stand him against a nearby hut. The DI would then tell the recruits if they didn‚??t measure up, he could kill them and no one would know. When they heard that, most recruits in line had a look of incongruity on their faces. The DI then asked, ‚??How many of you maggots have already been issued ID cards?‚?? Of course, no one had. Then he asked if anyone had been issued dog tags. Again, there was no response. The DI asked them if they had any contact with their families since they arrived. No one had. ‚??In that case‚??, said the DI, ‚??your relatives don‚??t even know if you‚??ve arrived, so if I kill you and dispose of the body no one will be the wiser. Some of the recruits started to look a little worried.

At this point, the DI called to the armed actors, ‚??Kill him‚??. The actors brought their rifles up, aimed at the cowering, actor and fired one blank cartridge at the weeping recruit. That individual clutched his chest with hands that concealed partially opened packets of ketchup, and fell to the ground, an apparent bloody mess. The two riflemen smartly grounded their weapons. Picked up the ‚??Dead‚?? actor and carried him to a Demster Dumpster that was located at the end of that same street. The door was open, so the riflemen unceremoniously tossed the ‚??Dead‚?? recruit inside, where he landed on a pre-positioned mattress.

For at least one week, all of the new recruits were as obedient and as attentive as they could be. Of course during the ‚??act‚??, the other drill instructors in the audience were perfect in being able to keep a straight face.