View Full Version : US military enlistment standards

11-12-02, 10:19 AM
There is no right granted to anyone to serve in the United States Military. The respective military departments do have the absolute right to reject you for any reason it deems appropriate....

11-12-02, 05:51 PM
They forgot one thing Bones, my Brother.....

The balls to stand up to the plate and earn the uniform, regardless of what the rest of that says.

Semper FI

11-12-02, 05:55 PM
So you noticed that kind of thing, too! LOL.

It doesn't matter your MOS. You must be willing to fight. Never give up. Kill the other bastard before he kills you.

It's called fighting spirit....I think I see another thread here! LOL

06-13-03, 02:29 PM