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12-12-05, 07:04 AM
Holidays inspire poet; phone cards comfort Marines in Iraq
DAVID LAUDERDALE, Packet columnist
Published Monday, December 12, 2005

Thanks to Chris Wagner of Hilton Head Island for sending a holiday poem he wrote.

Healthy Holidays

Christmastime will soon be here

With lots of joy and lots of cheer.

Through many holidays I've found

We seem to gain some extra pounds.

I thought it would be very nice,

To offer friends some sage advice

To change your life in simple ways

And have some healthy holidays.

Let's not make the big mistake

Of eating cookies, pies and cake;

No candy or potato chips,

No crackers spread with creamy dips.

No roast beef, pizza, leg of lamb;

No meatballs, sausage, country ham;

Switch to low-cal healthy dishes,

Veggies, whole grains, nuts and fishes.

See the doctor once a year;

Cut down on liquor, wine and beer.

Take vitamins from A to Z

And get that colonoscopy.

Throw the cigarettes away;

Check your blood pressure every day.

Remember that sugar is bad for diabetes

And fruit is great on top of Wheaties.

Drink lots of water every day;

Flossing helps stop gum decay.

Don't eat before you go to bed;

Eat smaller meals all day instead.

Walking, running, playing, biking,

Stretching, lifting, swimming, hiking;

Exercise and have some fun,

But use protection from the sun.

By following these simple tips

You'll lose that weight around your hips;

Try to lose a pound each week

And wind up looking slim and sleek.

To me the greatest sign of wealth

Is love and friends and joy and health.

So join the modern fitness craze;

Have healthy, happy holidays!

A few good calls

Thanks to Bill Gironda of Hilton Head Island for sharing the letter he received from a Marine serving in Iraq thanking local donors for sending telephone cards for Marines to call home.

Bill is an officer in the Marine Corps League's Yellow Footprint Detachment based at Parris Island.

He said it is a group of "old Marines" who give out scholarships, with five going to Beaufort County students this year. Bill said they also have given three-wheeled bicycles to handicapped children.

But to that has been added a new effort to get phone cards to Marines serving overseas. After sending some to Iraq earlier this year, the local Marine Corps League got the following letter from Sgt. Maj. Bryan B. Battaglia, dated May 30:

"Greetings from Fallujah, Iraq!

"As we recently received your generous donation of telephone cards, let me say that your kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated! Receiving your gift while in Iraq is very special, but to receive them today, on Memorial Day, places it in a whole different perspective!

"It is patriotic and loyal organizations such as our Marine Corps League that play an integral role toward our morale and welfare while we are separated from our loved ones. I'm sure you know all too well what a 10-minute phone call can do for both the Marine and his or her family. Rest assured, I will issue these cards so they reach the privates, privates first class and lance corporals who are taking it to the limit each and every day.

"Your Marines and sailors of Regimental Combat Team 8 continue to perform bravely and heroically as we conduct counter-insurgency operations, rebuilding efforts and development of the Iraqi Security Force in our fight against terrorism.

"Thank you all for your support and prayers and we wish you safety and unrestricted freedoms on the home front.

"Once a Marine always a Marine.

"Semper Fidelis."

Bill said the Marine Corps League is accepting donations for the phone cards. Checks made out to Marine Corps League, Yellow Footprint Detachment can be mailed to 20 Cypress Marsh Drive, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926.