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12-11-05, 06:30 AM
Remembering the troops at Christmas time
By LINDA WOODS/Executive Editor
Saturday, December 10, 2005 1:10 PM CST

Nine year old Lindzey Plecki and 21 of her classmates at Eastview Elementary School in Canton are doing something important.

They are sending their best Christmas greetings to Marines who are away from home serving their country in Iraq.

Lindzey's cousin, Marine Lance Corporal Eric Wengler, and three of his closest friends are going to receive Christmas greetings from fourth grade students in the classroom of Kristina Jett, because of Lindzey.

With the help of her mother Laurie, Lindzey arranged for her classmates to send the messages. They purchased Christmas paper, stamps, and envelopes for the class project. The letters were mailed on Thursday, Dec. 8.

Wengler and his close friends, Ross Titzman, Justin Grimes, and William Tribley, will receive Christmas greetings from the class, because of Lindzey's idea.

Lindzey said she knew that Eric and his friends didn't have any ornaments on their Christmas tree and said that since they couldn't come home for Christmas they needed messages from home to help give them with the Christmas spirit.

"Christmas wishes from little kids might help," said a thoughtful Lindzey. "We want to help them feel proud of what they do and also want them to have a nice Christmas," said Lindzey.

When Lindzey heard that Eric only received one Thanksgiving card from home, she decided it was time to make a difference. That is when she and her mother started working on a plan to give Eric the best Christmas they could.

Lindzey is part of a very close family and keeps an eye on all the news out of Iraq, often asking her mother about what she hears and worrying about Eric's safety.

Eric was married in June and was deployed to Iraq in September of this year. Lindzey is already thinking about Eric being away from his wife on their first Christmas, explains Laurie.

Eric's mother and father, Debbie and Joe, live in San Antonio, Texas, and have already gathered donations from family, friends, and others for the men. Over 100 care packages were sent to Eric's platoon in Iraq by the family earlier in December, reports Laurie.

Laurie says that when a family member recently became ill here in Illinois, Eric's mother came to assist with the situation as soon as she heard the news. "That's how close we all are," says Laurie. "Whenever there is a need, it is filled by a family member."

Eric's platoon sergeant asked that Canton residents keep them in their prayers, reports Laurie.

In a recent letter from Eric, his mother learned that a Marine commander had visited the platoon and told them they were in one of the most dangerous places in Iraq. Eric reported to his family that Marine Commandant Gen. Mike Hagee had told his Battalion that Marines have to be 'strategic corporals' regarding tactical decisions. Hagee told the Marines that a single event can have much broader strategic consequences.

Eric is stationed out of a California.

"I hope Eric is okay. I'm scared," said Lindzey.

Anyone who wants to send Christmas greetings to Eric and his friends may use the following addresses.

LCPL Wengler, Eric

3/7 Wpns. Co., CAAT black

Unit 41595

FPO AP 96426-1595

LCPL Titzman, Ross

3/7 India Co., HQ Plt.

Unit 41580

FPO AP 96426-1580

LCPL Grimes, Justin

3/7 India Co., 1st Plt.

Unit 41580

FPO AP 96426-1580

LCPL Tribley, William

3/7 Kilo Co., 1st Plt.

Unit 41585

FPO AP 96426-1595


12-19-05, 10:09 AM
These four Marines will now be getting a care package each for Christmas, courtesy of my Legion post, Robert V. McMaugh Memorial American Legion Post 10 in Manassas, Virginia, and with the help of a generous donation from the local Manassas Wal-Mart (Streamwalk location) and the assistance of Wal-Mart community relations manager Fran Norman.

The little program we started, Operation Patriot Brigade, aims to give OIF/OEF personnel a little something to the troops and their families stateside in some special way. The packages may be a little late, but hopefully they'll like everything (don't tell these guys they're expecting packages!!!)

If there are other Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, or Coasties out there who may not be getting any mail, I hope to see their addresses posted up in here (unless security concerns preclude that.) Merry Christmas, Marines.

12-19-05, 10:47 AM
Thank You

They can Always PM and Email You...