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12-10-05, 02:01 PM
Military Blunders
Pallet Wars in Iraq
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December 10, 2005: The U.S. Department of Defense uses a $1700 pallet and net system to ship cargo that won’t fit into a cargo container. A problem arose when troops in Iraq discovered that these pallets made excellent floors for their tents. Getting the pallets back from the troops proved to be a lot of trouble, especially when it involved dealing with those heavily armed lads in the middle of bandit country. So the military came up with a cheaper ($400) pallet that sits under the cargo, and on top of the $1700 pallet “system”. When the cargo arrives in Kuwait, the cheaper pallet is sufficient to ship the stuff the rest of the way (via truck). The cheaper pallet also makes good flooring for tents, but doesn’t cost as much to replace. Problem solved, or at least made less expensive.

The Department of Defense expects to save over a million dollars a year with the cheaper pallet, and much aggravation.


12-10-05, 03:04 PM
Well dang! Someone is actually using there head. Improvise adapt and get the best out to our Marines at The Front.

That C141 Starlifter is really an excellent logistics system where every part has been thought out and developed for the easiest roll on roll off efficiency.

Thank you US Air Force!

12-10-05, 03:47 PM
Useing a 1700.00 pallet to a 400.00 pallet.Sounds like a lot of money evin for a 400.00 pallet. Someone is making big bucks.

12-10-05, 11:00 PM
When I first got out of the Corps, I worked for a pallet yard as the maintenance supervisor. (this is circa 1987) Back then even our most expensive custom made pallet, made out of 6"x6" stringers and 2"x6" deck boards, 8' wide and 10' long, (used to ship industrial machines) only cost the customer less than $100. ( With that price, we still made over a 65% profit in materials and labor, because of buying lumber directly from the mills).

Which politicians district "pork barrel" promise is this coming from?? Talk about raping the taxpayers!!!

12-11-05, 07:48 AM
let's get the conserviative welfare fighters on this one.

ya know it ain't gonna happen.