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12-10-05, 06:42 AM
Iraqi Sniper Wonderland
Black Five

Due to underwhelming demand, I redid the lyrics from Sniper Wonderland to remove all danger to innocent, and not so innocent, babies. Now we have a proper villain to ventilate in Johnny Jihad. First let me note that this focus on snipers doesn't signify that I am some sniping machine, on the contrary, although schooled in target interdiction I was a crap sniper because I never dug crawling through mud and lying in bugville for days on end. Regardless, this is dedicated to anyone dropping the hammer on Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Afghanistan or someplace secret we will read about in the Washington Post tomorrow.

Iraqi Sniper Wonderland

From the top of the hill, a one shot kill
Walkin' in a Sniper Wonderland

Johnny Jihad slinks around a-spyin' (spyin')
So you stop and chamber another round
Shoot him in the head his brains go flyin' (flyin')
And you can watch him quiver on the ground

Later on, by the fire
We will build a funeral pyre
From the top of the hill, a one shot kill
Walkin' in a Sniper Wonderland

Local sheikh got sick of Johnny Jihad (Jihad)
So he told you just which hooch was his
Predator sends Hellfire, now it's all bad (all bad)
Remote sniping yeah, we're cool like this

Johnny's hooch, booms ongoin'
Johnny's toys, they're a-blowin'
From high in the sky, swift justice will fly
Walkin' in a Sniper Wonderland