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12-08-05, 05:27 AM
Logistics Marines transport Iraqi Police recruits
2nd Marine Logistics Group
Story by Lance Cpl. Wayne C. Edmiston

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Dec. 6, 2005) -- Marines assigned to Combat Logistics Battalion 8, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward), transported more than 100 Iraqi Police recruits here in order for the recruits to continue their basic training.

The training of Iraqi police and security forces is crucial to coalition efforts as they attempt to transfer greater roles of responsibility to the new Iraqi government, said Maj. Christopher S. Sutton, CLB-8 executive officer.

The Marines with CLB-8 realize their contribution in helping the Iraqi people build a free and democratic nation.

“It’s good [to] get them trained up so they can eventually take over some of the security roles we are [currently] providing for them in Iraq,” Sutton explained.

Helping Iraqi’s provide for their own security is a stepping stone towards a self-sufficient nation the Marines of CLB-8 are more than willing to assist with, the Orlando, Fla., native said.

Training is just one step in the long march to a self-sufficient nation for Iraq and the more the Iraqi’s are able to do for themselves the better off it’s going to be for the Iraqi government and for Multi-national forces Iraq, noted Sutton.

“The more they can do for themselves,” Sutton said, “the more we can become less of a visible presence here in Iraq.”

“This is huge for Iraq,” said 2nd Lt. Rikki L. Felts, a convoy commander with CLB-8. “It’s all about turning it over to them.”

The Marines who participated in the operation were praised highly by their commanders for a job well done.

“My platoon loves doing right here,” said Felts. “Being out on the road is what they do.”

The Marines are ready for their mission at any time. And to do their mission is one thing that sticks out to the Marines' commander.

“They have an instinct at this point,” Felts said. “They know their escalation of force, and everything naturally comes to them.”

Whether the cargo is Iraqi Police recruits or a pallet of wood the Marines will move anything anywhere, said Felts.

“We re-supply any unit, anywhere,” said the Beaufort, S.C., native. “We are the logistics behind the mission.”

The mission was a success for both the future of democratic Iraq and the Marines of CLB-8, she said.