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12-07-05, 06:28 AM
Marines injured by friendly fire
Eight Royal Marines injured at the start of the Iraq war were victims of friendly fire, a Ministry of Defence (MoD) inquiry has said.

The men from 40 Commando in Taunton, Somerset, and 29 Commando Royal Artillery in Plymouth, Devon, came under fire on 30 March 2003.

They were hurt during a 15-hour battle in the Basra suburb of Abu Al Khasib.

An MoD board of inquiry ruled they were hit by friendly fire after a number of "mistakes and planning oversights".

Enemy prisoners

The board made a number of recommendations to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents in the future.

The Royal Marines were the first non-special forces troops in action at the start of the war on Iraq.

When the eight Royal Marines were injured during the assault on Iraqi positions near Abu Al Khasib, it was said to be as a result of "indirect fire".

More than 200 enemy prisoners of war were taken by 40 Commando in the battle, without sustaining any losses.


12-07-05, 06:39 AM
40 commandos took 200 prisoners ? heck that aint nothin i seen 4 United States Marines take on that many at the whitehat in gitmo once and thats when the fleet was in. Awesome fist fight but my brothers kicked some navy butt...