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12-05-05, 08:24 AM
This is really for the poolee's, but ....

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Many people know of the “The Marines”. But do they really know the Marines? We are made up of a few basic groups. “Wingers” aka flyboys, Support Marines and Combat Arms Marines, aka Infantry Marines, Grunts, Dirt People and several other colorful names. I thought I would expand from my first post and try to paint you a picture and explain and describe what we are all about.

As many of you know we were born on Nov 10th,1775 in a place called Tun Tavern in Philadelphia PA.. Over 230 years ago we become a fighting force for the United States. An organization that was special and unique to safeguard our Navy ships. Because Im a dirt person (Infantry Officer) I will mainly focus on our breed although all of the specialties of the Marine Corps are equally important.

Marines in general may come across as arrogant, egotistic, fanatics, yea that pretty much sums it up. Infantry Marines tend to be wound a bit tighter than most. It may be their training, their job description or simply their attitude. We will eagerly go to the ugliest places, with the smallest amount of logistics with the meanest enemy and produce the best results. We wear “high & tight” haircuts, which is a shaved head except for the top and some wear it all shaved. We maintain impeccable uniforms as it almost becomes a disease to be squared away. We stay in top physical shape and continuously strive to be the best at everything we do. We wont take no as an answer (don’t know the meaning of the word) and when others give up we get a second wind, improvise adapt and overcome. Attention to detail is a commandment and we police our own and hold all Marines to the Marine Corps standards. Marines in general are usually loud abrasive and have type A personality’s. They resemble Rottweilers and Dobermans because they come in two sizes, big and mean and skinny and mean.

We are called Jar Heads, Leathernecks and Devil Dogs, but ultimately we are worldly known as US Marines. We have slogans like “No better friend, No worse enemy” and live and die by the Marine motto, Semper Fidelis which is Latin for “Always Faithful”. We never leave fallen Marines behind and we routinely aide and treat the innocent and enemy wounded better than our own. We stand at parades when the Stars and Bars pass and render a salute and know the proper protocol for the kind. The Marine Corps has been described as a cult, Mafia and indescribable brotherhood.

You may see two Marines who never met before become very good friends in a room full of strangers. We have nothing against the other services but we are referred to as Marines, not soldiers, we believe we’ve earned the title and we will make you earn it as well if you decide to be one of us.

It isn’t easy being green. We take pride in maintaining the toughest boot camps and officer training schools. We don’t lower our standards to meet yearly recruiting goals nor do we make short cuts or exceptions, we simply don’t have to. We deploy in 7 month increments usually in conjunction with our Navy brothers and their glorious boats. We fashionably live in sleeping bags, tents and buildings over 100 years old and many other hell holes. We believe in taking care of our gear before ourselves and take care of our junior Marines first and foremost.

We take great pride and honor in serving our great country. We volunteered to serve and swear to god to defend it. Our families make gut wrenching sacrifices; kids learn what the word deployment means and built a bond that would deliver you from a burning inferno they are so strong. It is an obligation to service and commitment and a way of life. We are willing to give our lives for what we believe in and support and we will take the lives that threaten it if need be.

Why do I describe the Marine Corps this way? Because EVERYTIME you hear and believe anything that prevents your Marines from completing our job in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world you now know what you are disgracing and how you are dishonoring the fallen Marines that have held it to custom for 230 years.