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11-27-05, 10:30 AM
Orlando native finds inspiration in writing, singing
2nd Force Service Support Group
Story by Lance Cpl. Wayne C. Edmiston

CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq (Nov. 25, 2005) -- Many of America’s men and women in uniform consider their military service a great honor and an experience they will never forget.

Recording that experience with pen and paper is how one Marine has chosen to relay her service to the American population.

Cpl. Deanna M. Collazo, the Maintenance Information Systems Coordination Office chief, for Headquarters and Service Battalion, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward), is documenting her feelings by writing a novel titled “American Daughter.”

“I wanted to write a book on a woman and enlisted perspective of my time spent in the military,” the Orlando, Fla. native said. “You see a lot of books written by officers but not many by enlisted.”

Collazo credits her passion of writing to her experiences before the military as a writer for her high school newspaper, she said.

“My book is going to focus a lot on boot camp and my experiences both professional and personal,” Collazo said. “Also it will focus on my experiences here in Iraq.”

As a multi-talented individual she is also pursuing a career in the music industry and has high hopes for success.

“When I go home I do studio work and recording for my demo album,” Collazo said. “I plan on sending the album out to various record companies.”

The album is going to be self titled and is going to consist of basic rock ‘n’ roll accompanied by her singing, she said.

She began her music career at a young age and began participating in chorus in high school. She began receiving instruction from a personal vocal coach at the age of 15.

“My vocal coach’s son was a member of N*SYNC,” Collazo said referring to the late 90’s pop group. “So I felt like she gave me an edge on the music industry.”

Even though she had her sights set high in many facets of her lifestyle, serving her country became a huge priority, but not originally as a Marine.

“Actually I was going to joining the Air Force,” she said. “Someone told me I could not make it through Marine Corps boot camp.”

Being in Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps in high school only fueled her passion to become a Marine, Collazo said.

“I knew that boot camp for the Marines was longer and tougher than that of the Air Force, Army and Navy,” she commented. “I wanted to challenge myself to be part of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world.”

Collazo said she was drawn to put her civilian life on hold to serve her nation in the Global War on Terror and that serving in the Marine Corps has helped her to forge every aspect of her goals whether it be behind the microphone or a pen.

“I felt that I had a duty to serve my country, especially after 9-11,” she said.