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11-25-05, 06:03 AM
Mixture of Taqaddum Marines make up QRF
2nd Force Service Support Group
Story by:Lance Cpl. Wayne C. Edmiston

CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq(Nov 24, 2005) -- There is a small group of Marines here that epitomizes the idea that “every Marine is a rifleman.” They come from a mixture of jobs, but complete a patchwork that makes Taqaddum’s reaction team.

They are the members of the Quick Reaction Force of Headquarters and Service Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 25, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward), and they are relied on to augment the day-to-day operations of the regiment.

For one of the fire team leaders, Cpl. Robert D. Lavario, the opportunity to do a variety of tasks is what he enjoys most about being with the force.

“[I enjoy] the fact we get to do different things and we are not just stuck in the same nine-to-five job,” the Rounder, Texas, native explained. “One day we may be doing security patrols and another we may be helping the [military policemen].”

The jobs QRF does for the regiment consist of third country national vehicle searches, patrolling the roads for speeders on base as road master, providing security for convoys, providing internal security in billeting areas and various other tasks, said Lavario.

Quick Reaction Force members received training on improvised explosive devices, patrols, crew served weapons and Military Operations in Urban Terrain, said Lance Cpl. Keith D. Doby, gunner for QRF and Houston native.

Doby especially appreciates being a part of QRF due to his history of serving in the infantry.
“I love being the gunner and seeing Iraq,” Doby said. “Being an infantryman by trade, I get to get out and do my job more.”

Other Marines enjoy being a part of the team simply for all the new things they get to try and the skills they get to perform, being comprised of a variety of military occupational specialties.

“I like getting trained on the larger weapons,” said Cpl. Elliot M. Guthrie, a wireman serving as assistant fire team leader for QRF, and Buckley, Wash., native. “I also enjoy getting to do more infantry-like tactics.”

“We have Marines that range from field radio operators, maintenance, infantry and all sorts of jobs,” Lavario said. “It is what makes us a unique group.”

One thing that defines them as a Quick Reaction Force is their ability to be called up at anytime.

“We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond,” said Guthrie. “When we are needed we are there to complete the mission.”
One member whose passion sticks out is Cpl. Scott K. Bachman, field radio operator and Reading, Pa., native.

A reservist with his unit out of Allentown, Pa., he volunteered to come out here to be able to lead Marines. “It’s a great thing to be out here,” said Bachman. “Picking up a young Marine and teaching them is what I do.”

Sgt. Brian Dunkin, QRF commander, not only leads the QRF but helps train his Marines.
The Fort Wayne, Ind. Native has a diverse background to include training with the Military police. Dunkin is quick to praise and give credit to his Marines.

“We are doing great,” said Dunkin. “For coming from a variety of [military occupational specialties], they are picking up things really well and getting the job done.”