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11-22-05, 03:36 PM
Wanted To Share:

The Rusty Marine

The Rusty Marine, born gallant and brave
To his country, his allegiance raised.
He served in war to honor and protect
In battle he did not defect.

Through Foxholes, trenches, gunfire and hell
His Honor and Pride never fell.
For in his heart, his faith is strong
Yet for home he did long.

Now he sits, tired, forlorn
For his youth he does mourn.
Because it ran so quickly by
He often thinks, "How time did fly."

He then dons his old dress blues
And in his spirit, and change of hues.
He straightens up and stands with pride
His great honor, he cannot hide.

Then he begins to gently weep
The memories come, pile upon heap.
A single tear falls from his eye
As he whispers, "Semper Fi."

11-22-05, 04:05 PM
Semper Fi!

Outstanding, Poolee! Keep motivated and keep preparing for Boot Camp.

11-22-05, 04:08 PM
Be careful, we are not so rusty! ;)

11-22-05, 04:11 PM
Nothing offensive...just something that I read everyday to keep me going.
I leave for Bootcamp On january 16, 2006 so Im close.
Ill be PFC Mangual pretty soon. Cant wait. MOS is 6694, Aviation Information Systems Specialist.

11-22-05, 04:22 PM
Our Beloved Corps is chock full of true history and legends. Take a look around the forums and you can read it first hand from Marines that lived it!

If you have any questions, let us know. We'll be on it in a heart beat.

Semper Fidelis!

11-22-05, 05:32 PM
Great poem, thanks for sharing.

11-22-05, 10:21 PM
Be careful, we are not so rusty! ;)

But maybe just a little Crusty :evilgrin:

And the uniform may not fit anymore,
but the back still straightens,
and the tears still flow
When I see 'Old Glory' wave

Semper Fi

11-23-05, 11:10 AM
cant wait to go to the island in January.